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WORDatTheNetΙReligious Doctrines, Practices and Faith deals on spiritual health. Specifically, the site touches on His coming, judgment, religious deceptions, sexual perversion, idolatry, spiritual stress, human and women’s rights doctrines and present beliefs on physical and reproductive health, including poetry.

To forewarn readers, the presentations are designed to tickle the orientation on the issue, not on traditional, religious, occultism, alleged faith, apparition, or alleged divine inspiration basis but based on simple human logic and scriptural evidence.

Also, they are designed to cultivate critical thinking ability, as a way to improve the traditional way of believing and behaving without thinking, by presenting some academic views and opinions.

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“The Greatest Purpose in Life is to Serve Him
Whatever it takes, in Good or in Bad Times”



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His Coming

Start of Days and HoursApril 1st, 2014
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