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Procreation and Forbidden Meat

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Before proceeding to the articles on application of the rules on human procreation stated in Genesis  9:1-7, we will review first and try to have a concluding sub-topic on forbidden meat, otherwise known as Eating Meat with Blood Still in it“.

Eagle's eyes are focused on forbidden meat

Eagle’s eyes are focused on forbidden meat. http://www.wordatthenet.com

In the first topic, “What is it” readers were introduced to five major and five minor elements of Genesis 9:1-7 verses 1-7, to wit;

1. General statement- Taking a human life is punishable. (Verses 5 and 6).

  • If the one taking a human life is an animal, God will punish the animal with death. (Verse 5)
  • If the one  taking is a human being, then God permitted other human being to kill him. (Verse 6)
  • There is distinction on the procedure of punishment between human beings and animals. (Verse 5 and 6)

2. Human beings are superior to animals.(Verse 2)

  • Human beings are permitted to eat animals. (Verse 3)
  • There is no prohibition whatsoever on killing of animals. (Verses 1-7)

3. The statements were  spoken to human beings not to animals. (Verse 1)

4. There is no specification what “meat with blood still in it” is prohibited to be eaten-either the meat of a human being or animal. (Verse 4)

5. The verses are opened and closed with human “procreation” statements. (Verse 1 and Verse 7)

At the end of the first sub-topic, readers were asked two simple questions: Are the verses consistently referring only to human life? and, Specifically, is the term life stated in verse 4 refers only to human life? Setting aside any religious and traditional belief, the questions were posed to only focus on the letter and intent of the Words, and nothing more.

In the second sub-topic “Logic of the Words“. readers were led in substance to the following logical consideration that “if verses 1-7 are statements referring only  to human life, then the meat and blood being referred in verse 4 logically refers only to human”. And by logical consideration, it was held that the prohibition in verse 4 is logically “eating human meat with human blood still in it, to the exclusion of animal meats.

In the third sub-topic “Circumstances when Words were Spoken, readers were led as to when the words were spoken-that is- after the flood. The words were spoken to Noah and his sons, after Noah offered ritually clean animals  to God. In view of the designation of animals as foods in Genesis 9:2-3 and lack of commandments “not to kill or eat the animals or offer the ritually clean animals” at that time, then the surrounding circumstances support the logical prohibitioneating human meat with human blood still in it“, to the exclusion of animal meats.

In the fourth sub-topic “Human Meat vs. Animal Meat“, the word “life” was emphasized as an entity separate from blood and that the prohibition is not because of blood in meat but because of the presence of life in blood in meat. Life maybe taken from human beings with blood being preserved. Conflict of definition of life was mentioned. And readers were given clues as to the living human meat that, although, being prohibited to be eaten, is nonetheless, used for enjoyment purposes. Examples of the present acts of eating the prohibited meat are mentioned.

Finally, in  “Prohibited Meat: Opening and Closing Procreation Statements”, the last element stated in the first sub-topic was discussed. The importance of the statements was emphasized as enclosing the details of the rules on human procreation in contrast to the single rule on procreation for animals-which is-to procreate and procreate infinitely. The purpose of the human meat was  mentioned being related to procreation and that “eating meat with blood still in it” is anti-creation. Verses 1-7 was then impliedly mentioned as the rules on human procreation.

As a conclusion, what is being prohibited to be eaten in the verse is a living human meat and not animal meat. And this refers to  sexually eating meat as in ‘oral sex’. This proposition will be discussed more in the next issue, to prove that when it declares a certain act as prohibited, then a corresponding punishment is in the offing, once committed.

Click to The Oral Sex Theory to have a comprehensive understanding.

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