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Vatican City: Inducer of sodomy

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Vatican City is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. How it became a participant in sodomy will be discussed briefly. Incidentally, readers have to contend reviewing or learning some legal provisions to see the connection of the city to sodomy and its relevance to next Habakkuk 2 verses following the previous discussions on doom verses for United States and France.

Starbucks has coffee and Vatican City has sodomy

Starbucks has coffee and Vatican City has sodomy. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

But before starting, it is necessary to have a clear understanding as to what sodomy is in so far as this site is concerned.

The word “sodomy”, together with Filipino phrase “kumakain ng hilaw na karne” (eating uncooked meat), which are sexual perversion acts, are directly related to the prohibited act of ” eating  meat with blood still in it” (Genesis 9:4).

And for purposes of comprehensively integrating the previous discussions, the publisher will be releasing soon the article entitled: “The Oral Sex Theory“-to show the theoretical framework of the prohibition and its implication to the present generation, otherwise known as the Habakkuk 2 generation.

Now, let us go direct to the legal terms.

Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, article 16, provides:

“Art. 16. Who are criminally liable. -The following are criminally liable for grave and less grave felonies:

  1. Principals
  2. Accomplices
  3. Accessories”

The term “principals” are being defined in Art. 17, providing that:

Art. 17.-Principals- The following are considered principals

  1. Those who take direct part in the execution of the act;
  2. These who directly force or induce others to commit it
  3. Those who cooperate in the commission of the offenses by another act without which it would not have been accomplished

For purposes of discussion, “eating meat with blood still in it” or “sodomy” or “eating uncooked meat” are considered here as a crime or felony,  being in violation of the prohibition. Admittedly, Vatican City did not pass any legislation on sodomy, thus, it cannot be considered as a principal by direct participation. However, considering that the Holy See failed to control sodomy, through some of its priests, under its very own jurisdiction, this failure had induced much of the society not only to commit sodomy but to legalize the same. Morality went bad with the Roman Catholic Church doing nothing despite of being at the forefront for its supposed protection. Thus, the next Habakkuk 2 verses-that are-after United States and France, would perfectly fall on it:

 12 You are doomed! You founded a city on crime and built it up by murder. 13 The nations you conquered wore themselves out in useless labor, and all they have built goes up in flames. The Lord Almighty has done this. 14 But the earth will be as full of the knowledge of the Lord’s glory as the seas are full of water.(Habakkuk 2:12-14, TEV)

Verse 12 refers  to the death of early Christians through crimes and murders committed by the Roman Empire, which is the predecessor of the Roman Catholic Church. These early Christians included St. Peter, who was entombed in Rome, Vatican City. Verse 13 refers to nations influenced by Roman Catholic Church through priests, who for centuries are doing useless labor by doing idolatry. Consequently, what they have built will go up in flames. Verse 14 refers to final discovery of the errors that historians had previously committed.

The inducement by Vatican City through the Roman Catholic Church becomes clear as the list of nations included in  Today’s Sodom and Gomorrah are significantly influenced by its idolatry and notably, by “eating meat with blood still in it” type of immorality committed by some priests.

Click to The Oral Sex Theory to have a comprehensive understanding.

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