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Water plants in the pond are usually uprooted by the storm.

Water plants in the pond are usually uprooted by the storm. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

Yolanda…Yolanda…oh my dear, Yolanda,

You got the name from a south China sea island, Hainan, internationally?

But when you reach Philippine area,  you will be  called ‘Yolanda’,

To write down another disaster and environmental calamity.


Everybody is expecting you tomorrow afternoon in Samar-Leyte,

That’s why everybody is preparing for your coming allegedly,

They are worried that their families will be affected adversely,

But failed to understand  that you were invited properly.


Bohol, Cebu and the rest in the Visayas in the Philippine archipelago

were visited last October 15, 2013 by a 7.2 earthquake scenario

Will the people “thank” it because of the invitation several weeks ago?

When Facebook “WORDatTheNet Community” was clicked “unlike”,

to finally let the earthquake go?


The Philippines is not among the nations listed for extinction,

like the United States, France, Vatican City, Brazil and United Kingdom,

But it paraded “homosexuality” and idolatry in its celebrations,

As a reminder, now and then comes the destruction.


WORDatTheNet forewarned of the prohibited meat and idolatry,

before and right after the Philippine earthquake recently,

 But  some people were seen carrying  Sto. Nino idols,

Thus, Yolanda or Haiyan accepted the invitation of the Filipino people.


But Yolanda, will you please make it tender to those who are chosen?

You were called to do your job and cannot disobey the command,

Now I am asking you to dissipate and come some other time,

Because you will have your day once the time comes.

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