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Thank you, Yolanda

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After the storm, there is clear sky.

After the storm, there is clear sky. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

Thank you “Yolanda” for the “tenderness” in your fury,

I asked before that you please be tender to those who are chosen,

to dissipate and to return when time comes another day, 

And, had I heard “sorry” and “forgive me”?


But was I conversing with another “Yolanda”?

Who said “sorry” and “forgive me”,

But cannot by himself forgive others eternally?

Oh, I see, that’s why the horrendous calamity!!!


I know “Yolanda” that it’s hard to control the temper sometimes,

And I agree that enough is enough in using “The Name” in vain,

By those who claim as His duly designated representatives,

But taught and acted contrary to what were taught and written.


And it is also hurting when “The Word” was despised and taken for granted ,

His death was  made traumatic and his teachings and image replaced,

By those who pretended to have surrendered to accept Him,

But actually inserted their God’s image and consequently their God’s name.


Also, the careless clicking “unlike” of Facebook WORDatTheNet Community,

That’s why the Bohol-Cebu earthquake calamity?

And the way the writer was treated by acquaintances in Masbate City,

That’s why the province was visited by typhoon lately?

Thank you, “Yolanda“. Please further guide me to understand and see.

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