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10,000 “feared” dead

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“As many as 10,000 people are believed to have died in Tacloban City alone when one of the worst storms on record sent giant sea waves inland, washing away homes, schools and airport buildings, officials said yesterday”-The Philippine Star reported November 11, 2013.

To wait for order is easy but for number of deaths in calamities is difficult and dependent on the one who reports.

To wait for order is easy but for number of deaths in calamities is difficult and dependent on the one who reports. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

The next day, expectedly, there will be so many other reports on the same topic-Yolanda. Other would say that 10,000 is not enough, that’s it maybe doubled and so on and so forth.

In the same newspaper, Pope Francis was quoted to have tweet prayers. The newspaper says:”As reports about the monster typhoon begun coming out last Saturday, Pope Francis took to his twitter account to urge the people to pray for all the typhoon victims”.

With all due respect, this is very useless prayer from a useless twitter account. First, because it is done thru tweets and not addressed to the Father in Heaven. Secondly, it is not seeking for forgiveness. And granting that it seeks forgiveness, the one seeking forgiveness does not forgive others.

But what is the biggest sin that requires forgiveness? Ask the Pope and his conspirator. Maybe, he knows that his institution requires forgiveness.

Maybe, he knows that each one of the priests and nuns and others related to the establishment, worldwide, should start to pray for forgiveness. Because, when the time comes, each one of them will be asked  “do you know the biggest sin that you have committed on earth, by using “The Name” of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in vain?

Nonito Donaire, the Filipino boxer, also commented in the same newspaper: “First and foremost, prayers to people in the Philippines who were hit by the typhoon” and “Please have your prayers for the people of the Philippines”.

But, Mr. Donaire, how about correcting the statement that instead on focusing on those that were hit,  those not hit by typhoon be included; that instead of praying for the people of the Philippines only, the people of the world, be included in the prayers.

WORDatthenet have already forewarned on  the  adverse effects of Sto. Nino idols seen in television carried by Cebuanos in Cebu City , in addition to sodomy, after the latest Bohol-Cebu earthquake. Will the Pope start now to eradicate this kind of practices of idolatry and sodomy in priests in churches instead of tweeting the useless prayers?

So that instead of only 10,000 or 18,000 dead, it will not be over 1/3 but only 1/10 of the total earth population , when the time comes? But… Had I heard the Pope protecting the homosexuals?

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