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Microwave Pulse? Probably

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Microwave pulse was theorized as the cause of typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan in the Philippines; that it was man made; that a personality from US is being suggested to be behind it and the storm was subjected to control.

There is microwave pulse in SM Cebu, Philippines.

There is microwave pulse in SM Cebu, Philippines. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

The “scientific” proof was presented that at the time of its development, microwave pulse was detected, as what have been observed in other  storms prior to Yolanda.

Let us try discussing the merits of the above viral issue.

  • First issue-on the evidence. As a lawyer, I cannot agree to the “scientific” proof presented by the presentor due to his utter lack of personal knowledge.Because he was not present during the storm, either above or below or inside the storm, at the time it was developing, at the time of its raging and at the time it exited from the Philippines. Besides, he was not able to ask the microwave, what was he doing in the storm. In short, the presentor is not a credible witness.  So, forget the “scientific” proof. It would not stand before the Court of law. The evidence is useless.
  • Second issue-The storm was subjected to control. Yes, I agree to this view but storms cannot be controlled by humans.
  • Third issue-That a personality from US was behind it. Yes, I agree subject to some explanations.
  • Fourth issue-That it was man made. Yes, I seemingly agree because it is also “caused by how humans misbehaved”
  • Fifth issue-That it was caused by microwave pulse. Yes, I agree subject to some qualifications because a microwave would obey the pulse of the “macrowave” or some other wave and also, responsive to other pulse.

However, due to inherent doubts of people, the second and fourth issues would require very heavy quantum of evidence to prove the proposition. It requires more than 1/3 of the total earth’s population as dead. Thus, the 10,000 or 18,000 dead in Typhoon Yolanda will not be enough to prove the point. So, we will just proceed to the third and fifth issues for lack of adequate evidence, as of this time.

Third issue-A personality from US was behind it.  Yes. This was done by the US President, President Barrack Obama. But he might not know it. Let me explain. This is found in the last  article “Pro-Sodomy Words: Spoken by Obama? published last October 10, 2013.

Wikipedia reports: “On May 9, 2012, Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. President to publicly declare support for the legalization of same-sex civil marriage“, otherwise known as sodomy. From all available political platforms in human history, Obama has chosen the most destructive one, which will adversely affect not only the United States but the entire world. He has spoken the “magic words”, which are never designed against his political enemies… but against his spiritual enemy. Obama is a lawyer and, in effect, has just filed his “Motion for Execution of Judgement”. There being no substantial objections, his motion will be logically granted based on a legal theory that Noah’s flood and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah were connected substantially to sexual perversion, more specifically to prohibition on “eating meat with blood still in  it”. 22No man is to have sexual relations with another man; God hates that.(Leviticus 18:22,TEV)

President Obama filed the “motion for execution of judgment”  of Habakkuk 2 doom prophecy. And the motion had been duly granted for execution on April 2014. But before the execution of judgment, one carelessly clicked “unlike” the Facebook WORDatthenet Community, which is merely intended to inform the public on sodomy and idolatry factors in the doom prophecy. The act, being contumacious, was penalized by way of Bohol-Cebu earthquake, which was not considered by the “microwave  theorists” in their theory.Then followed by typhoon Yolanda.  If Cebuanos were only careful not to show Sto. Nino idols while being interviewed in television immediately after the earthquake, the “microwave” who was behind Yolanda might not have done it. But without the granted motion of President Obama, in the first place, these two calamities would have not occurred.

Fifth issue-on microwave pulse. Yes. It was participated by the microwave pulse, if he is being called as a microwave pulse or whatever. The term is not material for purposes of discussion. Sometimes, we could just agree on the terminology just to minimize the debates. However, this “microwave pulse”  is very responsive also to “sexual” pulse of humans. That’s why, I published an article on “oral sex theory“. This theory discusses “oral sex” as the biblically prohibited “eating meat with blood still in it” because the sexually “eating” of living human genitalia, which is still considered a type of meat, is inherent in it. This is rampant in the US and Filipinos, including the world, were already influenced. Also, for sure, it was not a microwave US military affair as suggested by the theorists, because, why should the Philippines be targeted, which is not the enemy? It was because of “oral sex” associated with idolatry.

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