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Aquino: 2,000-2,500; Red Cross: 22,000 missing

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Previously, President Benigno Aquino was advised in this site to report honestly on the number of death caused by Yolanda, which the  publisher had fixed at 18,000. On November 14, 2013, Aquino reported at around 2,000-2,500 deaths. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) however reported as of November 13, 2913 at 2,344 death toll.

No missing in SM Reclamation Park

No missing in SM Reclamation Park. http://www.wordatthenet.com

Some aid workers however are skeptics at Aquino’s lower death toll. Specifically, on same date, the Philippine Red Cross put it at 22,000 missing but precautions itself and says” that this figure include people who had since been located”. The following day November 15, 2013, The Philippine Star reported that a Police official was sacked over 10,000 fatality estimates .

Today, November 16, 2013, the NDRRMC put it at 3,632 deaths per DZMM teleradyo report. And Palace says that there is no manipulation of number of deaths caused by Yolanda. But on the same day at Tacloban City alone, 400 bodies were recovered.

The politics on calamity is ongoing. But this event is not on politics thus, it is advised that it be set aside. The issue is more on honesty on reporting. Because to be honest, this typhoon, which succeeds the earthquake,  is not an ordinary event but to show His anger to Filipinos and to this little world and to tell them that enough is enough. The “oral sex”, which is closely related to reproductive health law for Filipinos,  and idolatry, in addition to other human crimes, are rampant today.

Filipinos were previously taught by priests that God loves them but were never taught to Love God but to love the Pope, the priests, statues and images, and had effectively excluded God from their alleged Love. When God said “no” to images, what these Roman Catholic Filipinos  are doing is the opposite, believing more on the Pope and the priests, who did not support them by paying taxes.

They acknowledged God if they win in Lotto, received promotions, etc but Filipinos are thanking the statues and images, which are being prohibited by God and apportioning to the Pope and the priests, who induced them to be enemies of God,  part of their winnings. When calamities occur however, nobody can see these priests helping these victims, but you would usually just hear them in pulpits, saying many irrelevant things, but cannot even manually help the victims.

In fine, this event is not man made and no one must mitigate it, even politicians, by reporting less than the real “achievement” for the public to see that He is really in a fit of fury. Take note. What is very fearful is that if politicians report less that the actual count, there would be a great possibility that another calamity be released soon to complete the count, to the prejudice of the tax-paying Filipinos. Mr. Aquino, please bear that in your mind.

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