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Love vs. Anger

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Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle of Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) was quoted saying: “Love is stronger than typhoon and earthquake”,  in November 16, 2013 DZMM teleradyo, in Paco Church.

The sea is angry when turbulent

The sea is angry when turbulent. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

Filipinos must thus be forewarned immediately of another incoming calamity because Tagle’s words “Love” had challenged the “typhoon and earthquake”, which is discussed herein as “Anger”, despite the former’s non-existence among Filipinos, among the Roman Catholic priests, and the entire Roman Catholic hierarchy.

Also, the “typhoon and the earthquake” that were mentioned know nothing about Tagle’s “Love”, when Roman Catholic Church invented “idolatry” and abused ”The Name”  for so many centuries.

Even if this “Love” is strong within Roman Catholics, for sure, it will be eventually crashed and destroyed by the more potent anger. Filipinos, who are, incidentally, caught in the war between Love and Anger, will thus have to decide whether they will be for Tagle’s Love or the opposing Anger.

The careless declaration was in response to Yolanda tragedy, when he was quoted to have said also as follows: 1) Idaan sa dasal ang mga hinagpis at panaghoy (Course through prayers all the grievances 2) Pagiging marangal ang magtatayo sa atin (Our honor would make us stand) 3) Huwag kayong mawalan ng pag-asa (Dont’ lose hope) 3) Panahon ito na malalim na pagmamahalan at pagkakaisa (It’s time for deeper love and unity) 4) Typhoons victims kaisa niyo kaming lahat (Typhoon victims, you are all with us) 5) Panahon ito ng mas lalong malalim na pagdadamayan (It’s time for deeper help and assistance). But short in saying, “we have noodles and donations in churches and we are distributing them to the victims”.

Unfortunately, he was careless in saying “Pag-iibigan natin, malakas pa sa bagyo at lindol” (Our love is stronger than typhoon and earthquake). So, expect another calamity to see whether the alleged “Love” is stronger than “Anger”. The test was-if “lovers” were able to stand-up after being hit by  “anger”, then truly “love” is stronger than “anger”. But unfortunately, these lovers  were turned into dead and were proved wrong, but despite of being wrong, Tagle, like a member of a cheering squad, is again instigating, without any conscience,  the Filipino public to fight back by committing suicide. How about talking less, Mr. Tagle?

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