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Roman Catholics day of mourning

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Roman Catholic Alleged Church had  declared a day of mourning for Yolanda victims. This is in today’s headline in DZMM teleradyo, November 17,2013.

Mourning may result in chatting beneath falling bridge.

Mourning may result in chatting beneath falling bridge. http://www.wordatthenet.com

Next, of course, would be its departure from the Philippines when Filipinos finally realize that the root cause of calamities in the country is the Roman Catholism, which for centuries was served diligently by Filipinos, without rancor because of deception.

So, to save more, Roman Catholic priests and nuns/sisters  should combine their celebration of day of mourning together with the day of their departure from the Philippines.

Two in one celebration. More memorable. Added, of course, to the invited in the celebration are the victims of Yolanda-Typhoon-Bohol-Cebu-earthquake today, and tomorrow’s victims in many many more calamities to come, until their departure.

The Pope must also attend this celebration, together with homosexual priests and their victims from various parts of the world , so that they may have scenic group pictorials that can be seen by the next generation. Also, the following are included in the celebration such as, the American idols, British Idols, together with the Roman Catholic Idols. France and Brazil idols maybe interested too, including the lesbians and homosexuals, who were married in their respective beautiful country. They might vehemently object if they will not be invited in the celebration.

But to make the invited complete, the celebration is advised to be re-scheduled on a later date, not today. Today, may be done only for preliminary purposes. But it is advisable to re-schedule it for the month of April 2014, without the need of specifying the day or the hour.

But of course, Palace is willing to attend, but eventually will say: “President Benigno Aquino will not have time because he is very busy”. He and his entourage should be excused for the time being. Together with Cabinet Secretaries  and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, he will be reducing the risk, but  in case of mass casualty, at least, they still have the remedy of reducing the number of deaths.

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