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Tagle appeals lifestyle for Filipinos?

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Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle appeals to Filipinos to make sure their lifestyle would not add up to the pressure on the planet? He was talking on lifestyle, pressure and the planet?

Lifestyle in priests is like a stage without a show.

Lifestyle in priests is like a stage without a show. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

When did Tagle become a “lifestyle” expert, like hairstylist? When did he learn about “physics” by talking about the “pressure” and when did he become a scientist by talking about the “planet”?

Was he talking normally as a priest or was only misquoted by the reporter in http://anc.yahoo.com/news/ndrrmc–only-we-can-count-the-dead-084648570.html?

How about talking about idolatry, which was brought to the Philippines since 1521 by the Roman Catholic Alleged Church?

Did Tagle realize that the Roman Catholic idols were not able to protect the alleged churches in Bohol and Cebu City? And were not able to protect concerned Filipinos, majority of which are Roman Catholics, when Yolanda struck?

And now, he is also talking about the planet? Did he realize that the planet he is talking was just created?And who created it? Is it not that the One who created it prohibited idolatry, being promoted by Roman Catholic Alleged Church? Then who made the Filipinos as His enemies?

Then, he is talking about that “faith is stronger than any disaster”. Faith in what? Faith as enemies of God? No way-enough is enough. I was once a Roman Catholic and I will not allow myself to be deceived again by priests, nuns, archbishops, bishops or the Pope.  They are the most disrespectful persons I have ever known, although one may be merciful on them.

It is because of their insult to “The Name” of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, including the names of Mother Mary and the saints, by using their “Names” to revere the cross, the rosary beads and strings, the statues and images. Also, through deception, this blatant disrespect had deceived and victimized Filipinos to be at the forefront as enemies of God.

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