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Formula for Eradicating Calamities

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To eradicate calamities, a simple formula is available to Filipinos-simply eradicate Roman Catholicism and other causes of Creator’s anger. Once Filipinos eradicated the root causes of anger, what follows is the protection.

Making roof strong is not the only formula to prevent calamities.

Making roof strong is not the only formula to prevent calamities. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

On the other hand, if people continue to offend the Creator, destruction is expected and may  even come at the instance of the Creator Himself.

Can anybody object if the Creator destroys His creation? One may object but the only thing  he can do is only “objecting” and nothing more.

That’s why, the Creator is called “Almighty”. He can do everything but  human beings can do nothing, without Him.

If  it happened that you were created the same way as the statues and images that were created by human hands, can you move, sit, stand, talk, think, speak, write, and feel?

Can you love and procreate? Can you go to night clubs, parties and go with friends? Is it not a fact that in every aspect of your life, different parts of functioning creation (your body) is there to help you, without which, you will be rendered inutile and useless, as a human?

Realizing these facts, is there any reason for one to be proud of being “smarter”, “beautiful”, “taller”, “best speaker”, brighter”, ‘successful”, “mighty leaders”, “politicians”, etc? On the other hand, without the different parts of creation functioning, can you “steal”, “kill”, “lie”, “womanize, etc? Is it not that each and every one should be thankful for every positive use of the parts of creation? And despite being antagonistic to negative use of the human body, is it not that the Creator still gave us ways to avail of His mercy?

But why is Roman Catholism, for centuries,  still stick to images,  statues, rosary beads and strings and the wooden cross? Instead of going to the room to pray directly to the Father in Heaven, they like to have festivals, parades, “mass” which is a root word for “mass casualty”, station of the cross, prayer vigils in public, parading with idols and homosexuals.

Is going to the room very expensive? What is in these idols? Can they talk, move, write, feel, grow, procreate? Maybe the Pope and the Priests promoted these  idols because they don’t kill, don’t lie, don’t womanize and don’t steal. But they themselves can do it alone without bothering Filipinos.

On the other hand, despite being prohibited by the Creator, why is this Roman Catholicism still insisting to have these idols and uses “The Name” of Mother Mary and Christ to promote them? What attracts them to these statues and images? Did Christ and his Mother designated these statues and images to receive phrases for them? Maybe the Pope can show that documents to the public, if any. Are they not contented with the Father in Heaven? And why is the Pope carrying the title as “The Holy Father“? Is he holy and a God?

If you are God, is it not logical to destroy your creation who believe in the Pope and Roman Catholicism, just like the Filipinos? If Filipinos will eradicate Roman Catholicism, is it not logical for the Creator to love and protect again the Filipinos? Besides, Roman Catholic priests and their establishments are not paying taxes to the Philippines to help Filipinos when calamities, caused by Catholicism, strike.

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