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Mr. Aquino, investigate yourself first


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Mr. President, investigate yourself first before investigating the Local Chief Executives (LCEs). Because, if the LCEs  underestimated typhoon Yolanda-it was in the same manner that the administration underestimated the anger of the One who created the typhoon.

The stairway could be dangerous if not first investigated by one who passes through.

The stairway could be dangerous if not first investigated by one who passes through. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

While they were inadvertent in their respective duties, you yourself, including your administration, had politically and intentionally also instigated the “anger”.

This is in response to the political move of President Benigno Aquino to investigate LCEs due to heavy damage and death brought by Typhoon Yolanda, intently and politically, laying blame on the alleged but equally inadvertent local government units in destroyed provinces and municipalities.

In so far as this specific issue is concerned, if the President does not like incompetents in the government, then, he should be the first one to go. Because the calamities being suffered by Filipinos are not ordinary scenarios.

The Bohol-Cebu earthquake and typhoon Yolanda that followed are continuing sequence of events after Typhoon Pablo and other calamities. Historically, Filipinos suffered, when it adopted  Roman Catholicism, which is sine-qua-non to idolatry and lately induced the society to “worldwide” sodomy. Roman Catholicism had converted Filipinos as enemies of God, as what happened to Israelites, centuries ago, when they adopted idolatry.

But, aside from idolatry inherent for Roman Catholics, what is the personal and political participation of the President why the calamities? It is not because of Secretary Enrique Ona but because of “onanism”, which is inside the substance of Reproductive Health Law, where “lust”, more than parental obligations to raise children, is being protected and made into law. It is similar to “same-sex marriage” where “lust” is considered as “human rights”. This was supported by the administration.

Admittedly, the Roman Catholic priests are correct in antagonizing the President on the issue because precisely it antagonizes the biblical teachings. But hidden, they will benefit from their cause because “The More the Filipinos, The More the Enemies of God”, consistent to the idolatry policy of the Roman Catholic Alleged Church.

Prior to the onslaught of Typhoon Pablo last December 2012, is it not a fact that Reproductive Health Law was being deliberated in Congress? How many died in the typhoon last December 2012 ? More than 600 fatalities. Who is to blame in the recent Typhoon? Of course, not, the Local Government officials, who did not approve “onanism”  into law and introduced idolatry in Filipinos.

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