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Religious Deception in General

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One significant aspect of religious deception is  that once you become a victim of it, everything maybe lost. It is because you become  an enemy and substantially separated from God.

Religious deception can be seen even through a circular glass roof.

Religious deception can be seen through a circular glass roof. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

Anytime, you are a target of a curse-the destruction through calamities, e.g earthquake, typhoons, diseases, wars, and famine.

On the part of the deceiver, his success is not only measured by monetary value, which is merely incidental, but, more spiritually appreciated by God’s enemy, of having deprived the victim of the spiritual “truth”.

Unfortunately, majority of these victims do not feel as a victim and may even protect the deceiver. Because, the latter appears to be cloth with authority having  achieved it through substantial years of studies, thus, given publicly the privilege as a bearer of truth.

That’s why, they seem to be publicly blameless and saintly. But deeply, when facts, e.g, practices and doctrines, are all taken into consideration vis-à-vis scriptural evidence, things would simply fall apart, due to logical impairments and inconsistencies in them.

Also, when asked on the causes of natural calamities, they may simply attribute them to abuse of environment, which is generally accepted by society or part of  trials on the “faith” more than as a “curse”. But kept on sustaining the questionable doctrines and practices, which are not within the biblical “truth”, as if they can not continue to exist without them.

Some topics which shall be discussed in several chapters are enumerated below. These are about the voluminous deceptions by the Roman Catholic and related church  followed by deceptions in other religions.

A. For Roman Catholic Church and related church

  • Holy Cross and Holy Rosary are Idolatrous and Convert Believers into Enemies of God
  • Holy Rosary Logically Makes Even Mother Mary very Sad
  • “Hail Mary” Prayer is a Feminine Equivalence of “Hail Hitler” Salutation?
  • Holy Trinity Doctrine:a Doctrine of Subdividing God into Three.
  • Holy Trinity Doctrine Falsely Justifies Mary as a “Mother of God”  in the  Holy Rosary
  • Picture of Jesus, Last Supper and Shroud are Products of Da Vinci Fallacy Doctrine?
  • Lord’s Prayer in the Holy Mass is Reversed
  • Marking of the Beast during Ash Wednesday?
  • Global Warming and Natural Disasters are due to Perpetual Blasphemy
  • Roman Christ’s December 25  Birthday Celebration
  • Roman Catholic Church and its Own Roman Peter
  • Use of “Reverend Father” by Priests: Is it Biblical?
  • Papacy or Holy See is Fallacy?
  • Roman Catholic Church is only a “Rock”
  • Roman Catholic Rock’s Amendments to the God’s Ten Commandments
  • Catholic Church/Rock  Does not Believe in the Second Coming of Christ?
  • Roman Catholic Rock Promotes Roman Empire Cult
  • Other topics

B. For other religions

  • God’s Commandments do not Include “to kill your neighbor” due to Religion
  • Human Amendment to Two Major Commandments of God
  • The “ In Jesus name” Provision in a Prayer is Confusing
  • Religious Dogmatism Runs Counter with Christ Basic Message
  • Ceremonial Receiving  Jesus Christ but Quiescence on Primarily Receiving the Father in Heaven Defeats the Former
  • Specific Religion can Save from the Coming Wrath of God?
  • Other topics

To search for the topics, please click to Religious Deception I and Religious Deception II pages.

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