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As a precautionary measure, the search for truth is required to address the issue on religious deception, which is inversely related to individual’s rights of freedom to choose. In turn, this freedom  requires “truth” as a necessity.

If interested, truth maybe seen even through concrete roof.

If interested, truth maybe seen even through concrete roof. http://www.wordatthenet.com

The less effective the exercise of freedom, e.g due to ignorance, religious arrogance, “untruthful” information, opportunism, disinterest, tradition, etc., the more the enslavement by religious deception.

Its detection will not only need looking at the “truth” but would need individual’s personal commitment to study and correct one’s belief system, without which, the “truth”, despite of its  abundance, would be futile and worthless.

Even in calamities, religious deception is present. A religious  sector may act as a representative of God by substantially promoting “God is Love” but at the same time continues to promote things that God hates, which are the root causes of calamities. 

This kind of approach by the deceivers isusing “The Name” of God”-to continually promote deceptions in society. Deceivers, of course,  deceive others by holding on their deception as the truth. The intention is to get the continuing sociopolitical confidence of the public.

Religious deception may be intentional or traditional. It is intentional when due to personal, economic, spiritual or political reasons, the basic tenets of original spiritual teachings are substantially modified to attract substantial followers. It may use  diplomatic approach, if not outright force, to have peer control and establishes doctrines and practices, or systems of beliefs, which are acceptable to targeted majority. It may be through intellectual approach. Religion, which used “The Name of God” as the center of attraction, is being utilized as a main source of political power.

It becomes traditional, when parents, peers and traditional teachers are deeply influenced by doctrines and practices, dying for it, as if God has commanded them to commit suicide or to kill, and believing on the adopted belief system as the truth more than the basic spiritual truth. This traditional religious deception is equally potent than intentional deception but more intense.

In the past, because God is only One in Judaism, Roman Catholicism and Islam and can not be seen during meetings, conferences, conventions, personal faiths of the powerful in the attendees or of the majority prevailed. This applies also to some Christian sectors.  Unfortunately, some basic spiritual truth are modified based on the sociopolitical needs of the majority of the attendees. This was despite the earlier agreement to meet for one purpose only that is, to focus on God. But rather than focusing on the “Words” of God, attendees focused on the personal “words” of the powerful in them.

The search for truth by revealing the “untruth” is thus needed to support individual’s exercise of freedom that is  free  from religious deception. This is part of the introductions to the two chapters that are allocated for this controversy and it’s up for the public to say whether there’s truth in the presentations. The public is however forewarned that the presentations are not based on traditional or any specific religious belief but based on logic and scriptural evidence.

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