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Archbishop against “Ungodly” Law

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Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles blames the “ungodly” laws, e.g,  Reproductive Health (RH) law, as a cause of Philippine disasters.  God “user” versus God’s rules violators or Alleged Church versus “worldly” State? Who is right? Who will win in the end or will there be a winner in the end?

Child's innocence does not promote idolatry.

Child’s innocence does not promote idolatry. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

Let us try analyze the following facts and circumstances to help one decide.

First premise: The subject of the blame are the recent Philippine calamities, such as, Cebu-Bohol earthquake and Yolanda typhoon last October 15, 2013 and November 8, 2013, respectively.

Second Premise: Reproductive Health Law was approved only last December 2012.

Third premise: “Lust” is being promoted in the reproductive health law.

Fourth premise: When Bohol-Cebu earthquake struck, alleged churches in Cebu City and Bohol were destroyed, consisting of 10 historic Roman Catholic Buildings. Some of the Roman Catholic idols were still standing but were not able to protect the Roman Catholic buildings.

Fifth premise: Calamities in the Philippines had been happening even before reproductive health was discussed in the Philippine Congress.

Sixth premise: Alleged Church had been in the Philippines since 1521.

Based on the above facts and circumstances, who will have a better argument? The “lust” argument which is related to “oral sex” or the idolatry argument?

Kindly refer to “oral sex theory” to fully comprehend.

Quoted is the ABS-CBNnews.com report as reference:

Lipa archbishop: ‘Ungodly’ laws cause disasters

Posted at 11/20/2013 10:20 PM | Updated as of 11/21/2013 2:25 AM

MANILA — Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles believes that calamities in the country should be a reminder for Filipinos not to forget God.

“Yung nangyayari sa atin, lindol, baha, super typhoon, ay paalala sa atin,” he said.

He also believes that the disasters send a message to people.

“Pinapaalaala sa atin na huwag tayong makalimot sa buhay. Even our life, nasa kamay ng Diyos so we better make it meaningful,” Arguelles said.

He also claimed that disasters could be the result of “ungodly” laws such as the Reproductive Health (RH) Law.

“Let us not forget him. Inaalis natin siya eh, katulad niyan ginagawang batas ang hindi ayon sa loob ng Diyos. So when we oppose God, we are in danger.”

However, the archbishop said Filipinos should be thankful for the generosity and unity that people show in the aftermath of the calamities.

“Katulad ng mga nasalanta, they are closer to God now more than ever and tayo rin at dapat ganyan at sana during better times.”

Arguelles said recent calamities should serve as a reminder for people to avoid going against God’s rule. — report from Cesca Joven, TV Patrol Southern Tagalog

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