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Germans help Deception Victims

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Pia Lee-Brago reports: Christmas parties are cancelled in German industries. This is to join the German government in responding to Typhoon Yolanda crisis, encouraging their employees to also donate their entire 13th month pay to typhoon victims. (The Philippine Star, November 27, 2013).

Book shelves for Roman Catholicism victims

Book shelves for Roman Catholicism victims. http://www.wordatthenet.com

But by mere cancelling Christmas Parties in their industries, less the monetary or logistics help, Germans are already helping Filipinos, including those not affected by typhoon.

At least, by strike of a calamity, they had now felt the insignificance or maybe, the uselessness, of the celebration, which merely used the name of Jewish “Christ”, without authority from him,  for business and political purposes.

The entire world would also benefit from this act. Especially, if Christmas celebrations will be cancelled forever.

Historically, “Christmas” was not at the behest of Jewish Christ or by Mother Mary. Nor by the Father in heaven. Also,  December 25 is not the date of birth of Jewish “Christ”.

It was apparently at the behest of the alleged “holy”, the “Holy Father” in Vatican City. So, Filipinos and the world are victims of a Roman Empire influence in celebrating the birthday of a  false “Christ”. Accordingly, Roman Catholic idols were used to honor this “Roman Christ”, using the name of the true Christ. And until now, being loved by the Roman Catholic Alleged Church.

By cancelling Christmas Parties in their industries in the country, the Germans are therefore helping the Filipino victims of deception, who were deceived by the alleged Church. Hopefully, Filipinos would see the uselessness of Christmas Parties. And be encouraged voluntarily to cancel future christmas celebrations.

Otherwise, Filipinos will be  visited again by  Yolanda, who earlier visited in 2012 and was named “Pablo”,  before every Christmas, to tell the Filipinos: “Ho…Ho…Ho…Ho…Ho. Stop it…It is not his birthday that you will be celebrating…It’s the birthday of a Roman God“. Ho…Ho…Ho….Ho…” Filipinos will be visited by Yolanda, so that they will not again celebrate future Christmases, for lack of funds and for some, due to lack of life.

On the other hand, Fr. Benny Tuason, Archdiocese of Manila Ecology Desk Director, made an appeal to the public to only forgo parties but celebrate Christmas. He said “We may forgo our Christmas Parties but please celebrate Christmas. Christmas is Christmas, this is very important for us Christians now that the Season of Advent is coming”.

This was in response to the cancellation of Christmas Parties by government agencies and private companies, in support of the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda.

With all due respect, Filipinos were already deceived and converted as enemies of God and now are suffering for it. For the last time, concerned priests in Roman Catholicism are thus requested to stop inviting Filipinos to celebrate the “Roman” Christmas.

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