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2014 Major Earthquake Prediction:Is it believable?

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The dailypostal.com site reports: “According to the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC), a non-profit science research organization located in Florida, a possible 8.0 magnitude earthquake may hit the Philippines in 2014. The organization issued in early 2013 a Catastrophic Geophysical Event (CGE) Warning Notice (CWN) for the Molucca Sea. This CWN specified a predicted major earthquake M8.0+ and associated tsunami that may strike the Philippines and northern Indonesia between now and December 2014″.

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Do you believe on earthquake predictions? Here’s the report of Wikipedia:

“In the 1970s there was intense optimism amongst scientists that some method of predicting earthquakes might be found, but by the 1990s continuing failure led many scientists to question whether it was even possible.[9] While many scientists still hold that, given enough resources, prediction might be possible, many others maintain that earthquake prediction is inherently impossible.[10]”

In its issue last February 25, 1999 in Nature Debates, http://www.nature.com also reports:

“The recent earthquake in Colombia (Fig. 1) has once again illustrated to the general public the inability of science to predict such natural catastrophes. Despite the significant global effort that has gone into the investigation of the nucleation process of earthquakes, such events still seem to strike suddenly and without obvious warning. Not all natural catastrophes are so apparently unpredictable, however.”

Also, was the IEVPC able to predict the earthquake that affected Cebu, Bohol and the rest of the Philippine islands last October 15, 2013? This earthquake destroyed the alleged churches or the ten (10) Roman Catholic buildings.

Based on the above facts, prediction of earthquakes is almost impossible.

However, just to satisfy  the public, here’s my prediction starting April 2014. The prediction is: All will be affected not only by earthquakes but by the rest of  the calamities, including diseases, famines, wars, etc. To be severely affected are United States France, Vatican City, United Kingdom and Brazil. Please click on the link for reference.

Also, unfortunately, the prediction for major earthquake did not specify the causes but my prediction identifies two (2) major causes, such as, “oral sex” mentality as in same-sex marriage and idolatry. If Philippines is interested to eradicate the incoming earthquakes and other calamities,  Filipinos are advised to eradicate first in their minds the idolatry of Roman Catholicism, including the lust in “oral sex  as in “homosexuality” and lesbianism and the “oral sex” in heterosexual and legal multiple same-sex sexual relations that are inside the Reproductive Health Law and in pedophile Catholic priests.

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