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Pope Francis’ alleged “holiness”

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Pope Francis outlook on holiness is controversial. He asks Roman Catholics to be holy. He also asks them to have professionalism.

Saying that a person is holy is like seeing that person in a far away island.

Saying that a person is holy is like seeing that person in a far away island. http://www.wordatthenet.com

Reading between the lines, he is deemed admitting that Roman Catholics are unholy and unprofessional. This is contained in DZMM teleradyo, December 22, 2013 issue.

The Pope was quoted as follows:

Pope Francis: Mga katoliko dapat isabuhay ang holiness  (Roman Catholics should live holy)

Pope Francis: Mga katoliko dapat may propesyonalismo (Roman Catholics  should have professionalism)

With all due respect, this is a grave insult to Roman Catholics from no other than the leader of Roman Catholicism. Because, if deeply analyzed, the sources of their “alleged” unholiness and unprofessionalism are nobody else but the Roman Catholic priests and the alleged “holiness” of the Pope.

There was and the continuing total failure of dissemination of spiritual truths or the true holiness to Roman Catholics and all of them are being trained as enemies of God by way of  idolatry, which was merely revised in name into iconography, by way of “holy lies”.

On the other hand, when Pope Francis criticized the Roman Catholics as unholy and unprofessional, isn’t it that he is impliedly saying that he is the only holy and professional among the Catholics? Oh, holy shit!!!

Instead of having only one God, Roman Catholics were taught how to love the “cross“, the rosary beads and strings and every Roman Catholic idol using the names of dead “alleged” saints and “The  Name” of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit, including the name of Mother Mary.

And right now, Filipinos are suffering from the effects of Roman Catholicism and as a Filipino and former Roman Catholic, the publisher has reasons to fear for the incoming evidence of religious deception in the form of “dead Filipino human bodies” as idolatry associated with “oral sex” participated also by some Roman Catholic priests  are already too much.

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