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“Church: A ‘depository’ of God’s forgiveness”?


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An alleged church as a ‘depository‘ just like a bank? Why, is God’s forgiveness similar to “money” that is being deposited? And God is depositing his forgiveness in a church? Church people, do you agree? Does forgiveness had to be deposited?

The Church does not have to project falsehood as truth by way of a Da Vinci art.

The Church does not have to project falsehood as truth by way of a Da Vinci art. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

But because nobody has the bank book  to withdraw the forgiveness, theoretically, it will be withdrawn instead by the depositor Himself. In such a case, what will happen to alleged church people? Will they be forgiven if no available forgiveness can be withdrawn from the depository?

Based on the above tests on Pope Francis’ statement, obviously something is wrong with how the words “depository” and “God’s forgiveness” were used.  More so, as regards the use of word “church”.

With all due respect to Roman Catholics and those who do not like criticisms against the Pope and the Catholic priests, this article is merely raising an issue against the pronouncement of those who are supposed to use “The Name” of God properly and not in vain.

As a former Roman Catholic, who personally experienced religious deceptions, the publisher is now cautiously studying every utterance of a person using the name of God to decide through logic and human reasoning the meaning of the spoken words whether “The Name” of God is being used in vain. He does not enjoy to be deceived again.

If the publisher is commenting as a “non-conformist” on the issue, he is asking forgiveness from the public. But the issue is critically important in view of His approaching Coming, which the Pope or any person cannot be of help if an individual does not  repent directly to the Father in heaven the idolatry of Roman Catholicism and the “oral sex” mentality through same-sex marriage and other terms.

While the Pope is talking about forgiveness, he, however,  substantially failed and continue to fail to talk about the subject matter of forgiveness such as the sins of idolatry of Roman Catholicism and homosexuality of some  catholic priests, which helped induced the society to adopt  same-sex marriage, which is a blatant violation of Genesis 9:4.

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