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Idolatry and sodomy will cause the world’s end

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If this world has one month and few more days to exist as it is, what will you do to idolatry and sodomy, same-sex marriage, and reproductive health law to prevent the end?

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After knowing that the world is ending, will you instead be going out shopping, partying, attending to what pleases your body by eating, drinking, dancing, entertaining others to satisfy your egoistic desires, involving in sex escapade or attending to your routine worldly chores and obligations?

Will you be interested to know how the end will come? Or no longer interested because anyway everybody will be affected and if chaos will come, everybody will experience the same?

Will you just enjoy and enjoy to satisfy what your heart desires, even hurting others and at the same time, setting aside what will be coming? Also, if this world ended catastrophically, can we blame  only ourselves?

Above are the theoretical issues that humanity faces in the coming month and few more days-the start of something big, which will never happen again thereafter.

Is humanity ready to face the consequences of its words and actions?

Can we blame God for the final catastrophic events that will happen?

No. Because humanity was already forewarned. Also, people were already  given chances when “the word”, which others call as “bible”, was circulated worldwide. If the message of salvation did not reach the recipients, the sender can no longer be blamed. The message is complete, thus, when it reaches the recipients incomplete, something is wrong with current teachers, who can be made liable therefor. In other words, due process had already been observed before the execution of judgement.

God already forewarned of the effects of idolatry,which is taught by Roman Catholicism and “oral sex” mentality in same-sex marriage, reproductive health law, sodomy  and pornography. Having fully satisfied the combination of these two, humanity is now gearing towards destruction and, technically, in full conformity on judgement to come.

Maybe, readers are asking on the intention of this message or from whom this warning emanated? Well, the intention is for people to prepare. The publisher has personal basis in saying so.

If you have not yet asked for forgiveness, especially for idolatry and ‘oral sex’ mentality, do it directly to the Father in heaven as soon as possible. It’s high time to ask for forgiveness. Pray daily in your room, not thru ‘prayer rally’, so nobody can see you but only the Father in heaven. Don’t delegate such duty to the priests or ministers, who had deceived God believers in the past by teaching the so-called ‘intercession’ doctrine. These priests and ministers can’t save you but only yourself by directly praying to the Father in heaven WITHOUT ‘making the sign of the cross’, which was deceptively used and taught by Roman Catholicism.

Lastly, the publisher was a former Roman Catholic. He is not a minister but a doctor and lawyer by profession. He became a doctor in 1990 and lawyer in 2001. It is unlikely for him to write the kind of messages in this site but after he suffered from stroke in 2012, he had his spiritual encounter, which helped him reveal morality and religious deceptions.

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