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Ask forgiveness as the end is near

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Mayon Volcano.


Are you busy in internet surfing and other activities,

such as partying, eating and drinking wine and trying to be happy?

Give me a minute please to tell you on what’s coming your way,

To help you decide for yourselves  and your family.


Are you ready in one month and few more days?

To ask forgiveness for the last time  due to idolatry and sodomy,

Or face destruction due to forbidden ways,

Yours is the decision and except you, please blame nobody?


Maybe, you will not believe on what I am going to say,

Due to lack of evidence to offer  like in a court’s way,

And you maybe accusing me of being sick and crazy,

Allow me just the same cause you are reading this poem anyway.


You maybe  asking for basis the scientific way,

But sorry, what I can offer are human logic and spirituality,

Because I did converse to Him spiritually and personally,

And no one witnessed the scene cause nobody can see.


When I suffered from stroke in 2012, I sought Christ earnestly,

Despite the advise not to think for anything the stressful way,

And one time, I felt something in my head was about to explode,

I challenged it to burst cause thinking about Christ, nothing can stop me.


Instead of dying, what followed is temporary relief from headache,

 My left head felt electrified and was spiritually told “You are healed”,

Knowing that He is with me, I cried and said “I’m sorry”,

And offered my body so that his will is done faithfully.


He teased me as “thrifty” for not sharing the pain  and sufferings,

Sensing it as a divine guidance, it guided me to share them to Him,

When I offered the stress and body pains, I felt relief of the same,

 but I have to correct mistakes, otherwise I would be in great pain.


One time, while still in pain, I was spiritually told of who I am,

which to my surprise, I treated logically as a trial and a test of faith,

And to reveal my faith,  I revealed traditional deceptions in WORDatTheNet,

Anyway, it would be revealed just the same when Christ comes.


What I feared is when I was told He’s coming in two years time,

And it falls on April, 2014 or the coming month,

As idolatry and sodomy in our society are already combined,

Punishments in his Coming are sure, consistent to the end times.


But don’t be afraid of death, as I challenged death while still in pain,

 As long as your faith is truly for true Christ and not in vain,

And you have asked forgiveness directly to the Father in heaven,

You’ll be assured of survival of your soul, if your body is dying.


In fine, is your soul prepared before your flesh dies?

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