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Why rosary not ‘Virgin Mary Prayer’?

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What do you think? Why is it that the prayer allegedly intended for ‘intercession’ of Mother Mary is designated ‘holy?’ rosary instead of Virgin Mary Prayer or Mother Mary Prayer?

Details when viewing from the mountain and details on errors in Holy Rosary can not be seen if you are not interested.

Details when viewing from the mountain and details on errors in Holy Rosary can not be seen if you are not interested.http://www.wordatthenet.com.

Most probably, because ‘holy?’ rosary is intended for goddess probably named ‘Rosary’, with intention  to insult God by  calling her holy and at the same time, using the name  of Mother Mary in vain.

On the other hand, it can not be probably intended for Mother Mary, as said reverence will not be accepted by her because she knows that she is not the ‘Mother of God’. Also, she is not a pagan, thus, a paganic ‘Holy?’  Rosary prayer is less likely be accepted.

Do you have a theory of the case? www.theholyrosary.org reports on the origin of Holy Rosary, as follows:

I will tell you the story of how he received it, which is found in the very well-known book De Dignitate Psalterii, by Blessed Alan de la Roche. Saint Dominic, seeing that the gravity of people’s sins was hindering the conversion of the Albigensians, withdrew into a forest near Toulouse, where he prayed continuously for three days and three nights. During this time he did nothing but weep and do harsh penances in order to appease the anger of God. He used his discipline so much that his body was lacerated, and finally he fell into a coma.

At this point our Lady appeared to him, accompanied by three angels, and she said, “Dear Dominic, do you know which weapon the Blessed Trinity wants to use to reform the world?” “Oh, my Lady,” answered Saint Dominic, “you know far better than I do, because next to your Son Jesus Christ you have always been the chief instrument of our salvation.”

Then our Lady replied, “I want you to know that, in this kind of warfare, the principal weapon has always been the Angelic Psalter, which is the foundation-stone of the New Testament. Therefore, if you want to reach these hardened souls and win them over to God, preach my Psalter.”

From the above, it is clear that the alleged ‘holy’ rosary emanated from ‘holy trinity doctrine’, which started when Constantinople the Great started to contaminate the early Christianity. This is evident when the Lady allegedly appeared to Mr. Dominic, saying “Dear Dominic, do you know which weapon the ‘Blessed?’ Trinity wants to use to reform the world?”

How did Mr. Dominic know that the Lady was Mother Mary? Did he see Mother Mary, when she was still living? And why would the Lady offer only an Angelic Psalter, which is not solely intended for the Father in heaven, but also intended for her.

Also, nobody introduced the Lady to Mr. Dominic as The Mother of God, which identity, being critical in a belief system, has to be supported with substantial evidence. Just like in the case of Christ, the scripture says that he was introduced by the Father in heaven as His Son when the latter was baptized by John the Baptist(Matthew 3:17).

Worst, the angelic psalter was finally called ‘holy’ Rosary. Is it possible that Mr. Dominic was deceived by a fallen angel, who is named Rosary? And because Mr. Dominic had interests of converting Albigensians, whose belief system is primarily on non-material things contrary to Roman Catholicism, he finally succumbed to spiritual deception. Also, because Roman Catholics believe on their false faith more than human logic, they are not questioning that Holy Rosary is against one of the ten commandments  of God and the teachings of Christ.

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