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Trinity: A Doctrine of Dividing God into Three


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Roman Catholic and other alleged churches are very innovative and full of foolishness. While God is only one, they innovated by dividing Him into three in trinity doctrine.

The Beach and the Holy Trinity Doctrine, both having no solid foundation, are susceptible to be destroyed when strucked by the storm.

The Beach and the Holy Trinity Doctrine, both having no solid foundation, are susceptible to be destroyed when strucked by the storm.http://www.wordatthenet.com.

After God created man in  his ‘image’, they in-turned created ‘images’ to be kissed, loved, served, revered, and in some case, worshiped as God, as their way of counter-creating their own God. Also, when God gave the ten commandments, they amended it by inserting idolatry, which is known as iconography, and also by teaching followers to kneel before the cross.

In fine, God and the Roman Catholics leaders and their allies are both creators. Only that- the latter are creators of ‘other truth’, which in the view of the former, are consequently lies.

Instead of asking for forgiveness, Roman Catholicism is continuing the lies and apparently enjoying it. This started when Constantinople the Great was allegedly converted to Christianity. In fact, he colonized Christianity by  introducing holy? trinity and cross doctrine, which were consequently followed by rosary doctrine and other forms of idolatry, such as Sto. Nino and Black Nazarene idols.

By the way, what is wrong with the holy? trinity doctrine?

First, because God is only one, then, there is no sense in  dividing Him into three.

Second, nothing in the scripture impliedly and expressly said that God has three persons because nothing was said by Christ that he is also the Father and the Holy Spirit. When Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, God was there in heaven speaking: “This is My Son, My Beloved, in Whom I delight! (Matthew 3:17, amplified bible). At that time, God was manifesting outside the physical body of Christ.

Further, Christ taught his followers to address their prayers to the Father in heaven (Matthew 6:9). At that time, he (Christ) was  still on earth. Had it been true that Christ is also the Father, he would had just advised his followers to address their prayers to him.

In the case of the Holy Spirit, the same had manifested outside the physical body of Christ when he was baptized:

16 And when Jesus was baptized, He went up at once out of the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he [John] saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on Him”.(Matthew 3:16, amplified bible)

When Christ was about to depart, he told his disciples about the Holy Spirit:

16I will ask the Father, and he will give you another helper, who will stay with you forever. 17He is the Spirit, who reveals the truth about God. The world cannot receive him because it cannot see him or know him. But you know him, because he remains with you and is in you. (John 14:16-17,TEV)

In the latter, clearly, the Holy Spirit was not within the physical and spiritual body of Christ, when he was talking to the disciples.

In other words, Christ, the Father in heaven and the Holy Spirit have their respective identity. Therefore, combining them into one by ‘indoctrination is nothing but foolishness’, because neither of the three  claimed that they are only one. Besides, not one among the disciples talked about the holy? trinity doctrine. Also, once you believe in the doctrine, it placed you in doubt on the words spoken by God himself and Christ.

Outside the words of God, Christ, his disciples and the prophets, all factual allegations pertaining to them have no factual basis, therefore, plainly falsities.  If you are believers in their words,  then, it logically follows that there is no sense in believing on words not spoken by them.

Secondly, holy? trinity doctrine is not only dividing God into three but also a method of multiplying God into three or more, especially so, when the rosary doctrine came in as Mother Mary is being appointed as Mother of God.  If there is an identity called  ‘Mother of God’, it follows that there could be grandmother, grandfather, including, brothers, sisters or cousins of God. By believing on the identities of ‘Mother, grandmother, brother, etc of God’, it follows to likewise believe that the Mother, grandmother, brother, etc of God are also Gods.

Lastly, Emperor Constantine the Great’s influence in this doctrine is a suspect and can not be trusted, as the Roman Empire at his time was threatened by early Christians, most of them were Jews, who were the historical enemies of the empire. In short, holy? trinity doctrine is false.

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