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The ‘sign of the beast’ is the ‘sign of the cross’

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For centuries, people are used to believing that ‘cross’ is a symbol of Christianity, not knowing that it is the ‘sign of the beast’. Also, every Ash Wednesday, Roman Catholics were taught to receive the same, by way of marking with ashes with a ‘cross’ sign in the forehead  and at the same time, reminded of the ‘ashes to ashes’ doctrine of the Roman Catholicism.

Gold fishes in fish pond are not gold just like the cross which became holy due to human words despite being untrue.

Gold fishes in fish pond are not gold just like the cross which became holy due to human words despite being untrue. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

With this ceremony, Roman Catholics are in conformity of being finally turned into ashes if they  receive the mark instead of resurrecting them into life, which is being being offered by Christ.

Taking note that this ceremony is on voluntary basis because not all Roman Catholics received said mark on Ash Wednesday, those who received it are already on estoppel of receiving life.

In other words, it is less likely for them to be saved as they have already consented to receive the ‘sign of the beast’. Christ  respects one’s freedom of choice and by setting aside his words and at the same time believing not on his words, anyone is free to do it subject to consequences.

Historically, what is obvious with the physical ‘cross’ is that it is an instrument of brutality of the Roman Empire, when Christ was crucified on it. Despite the lack of due process because penalty requires proof for its imposition, just the same, he was crucified by mere ‘requests’ or ‘voices’ of Jews at the time of his death. Clearly, there was no proof offered to make Christ  guilty to be punished with death. In short, the brutality and lack of due process, which are seen in our society today, are the ‘sign of the cross’.

When Roman Empire was weakened by early Christianity,  Constantine the Great attacked it by posing to be converted. But in reality, the doctrine of the cross, including the trinity doctrine, was started by him until finally, the doctrine of idolatry, holy rosary and other doctrines which are contrary to the ten commandments and the words of Christ, including sodomy in priests, were propagated. In short, idolatry, sodomy, lying and disobedience to God’ words are likewise ‘sign of the cross’.

To indoctrinate followers, Roman Catholic and other alleged churches teach them to make the ‘sign of the cross’, when praying, not knowing that they are praying to the ‘southern cross constellation‘, which is also located in heaven, using the names of God, the Holy Spirit, Christ, Mother Mary and the saints, in vain.

To stress, nothing is holy about the ‘physical’ cross either in the old or new testament. In fact, the scripture never refer to it but to the burden of the ‘cross’ or suffering, which primarily results due to ‘human’ inequities, which were sacrificially shouldered by Christ and his followers. The physical cross became holy only based on the words of liars and deceivers.

Therefore, it is illogical for the physical cross to be placed at the altar where believers focus to pray. Besides, getting rid of the crosses at the altar, every conspicuous place and in the belief system of a person is never a violation of the ten commandments.

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