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Incest in trinity doctrine


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How does incest relate to the discussion on ‘holy?’ trinity doctrine? Before fully discussing the issue, let’s have some preliminary discussions on ‘holy? trinity’ and ‘mother of god’ concepts.

Just like in Philippine eagle, incest does not consider the relations by consanguinity in reproduction.

Just like in Philippine eagle, incest does not consider the relations by consanguinity in reproduction.http://www.wordatthenet.com.

Previously, in “Any factual basis for ‘Mother of God’ doctrine?‘ article,  trinity doctrine as basis of  ‘mother of god’ concept was discussed, being an invalid proposition, because it is merely based on opinion and not on facts.

Considering that the facts in issue are personal to God, Christ and Mother Mary, only their factual allegations are material in settling any issue that may arise from them. In the scripture however, it is clear that neither of the three mentioned facts related to the concepts.

Therefore, any argument to support the concept would simply fall apart due to utter lack of factual basis.

Above premise is reinforced by the discussion in “‘’Holy?’ Trinity: A Doctrine of Dividing God into Three”, which cited the scriptural passage on the whereabouts of God and the Holy spirit both outside the physical and spiritual realm or identity of Christ, when he was baptized by John the Baptist (Matthew 3:16-17) and while he was talking to his disciples about the Holy Spirit (John 14:16-17).

And assuming that the Father in heaven had manifested in the physical body of  Christ, that does not mean that Christ is also the Father, because he still retained his identity ,although his body, as a temple of God, was used as an instrument to do God’s will. In other words, Christ’s nature, which is a mixture of human and God’s nature,  is prevailed upon by the Father’s will. In fact, he could have evaded crucifixion, because he knew this fact beforehand, if he had decided not to be crucified. However, he voluntarily offered his body to be offered as a sacrifice.

In short, the two concepts totally lack the factual basis and are merely false opinions.

Even assuming for the sake of argument that the ‘holy?’ trinity doctrine can be accepted as theologically valid, it, having adopted a humans’ view of motherhood and sonship the doctrine being made by humans, is still not acceptable using scriptural standards because it logically result in incestuous relationship between the alleged ‘mother of god’ and the Father in heaven. Notably, incest is forbidden in Leviticus 18:17.

There is incest if the son is born to a mother and father, who are related to each other as Mother and Son. If Mother Mary is the ‘Mother of God’, then it follows that God is the ‘Son of Mother Mary’.

Also, it is as if, Mother Mary was likewise sent to earth by the Father in heaven to bear Christ, who is also the Father, thru her, who is also the Father in heaven’s mother’. Incidentally, in the case of Christ, he is being placed in a confusing situation because if he is the God then he must be the one who sent Mother Mary to earth to bear himself so that He will become the ‘another person’-to be known as the son.

Based on the above premises, it is clear that the doctrine is blatantly false. Besides, this doctrine is not a mandatory need to show love and respect to God. Also, faith, which is used to explain the ‘holy?’ trinity doctrine, mother of god concept and other doctrines that are logically confusing, is deemed misused, which can not be considered for any purpose but  only to traditionally perpetuate deception.

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