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http://www.wordatthenet.com is working on a Religious Deception Encyclopedia. Traditionally, writers and editors usually prevent readers from disturbing them while researching, writing and editing.

Student's Guilds are less likely aware of religious deception.

Student’s Guilds are less likely aware of religious deception. http://www.wordatthenet.com

In this case, the publisher is doing a participative and dynamic way of completing the WORD@daNetpedia by encouraging readers to contribute.

As an initial input, the publisher gives examples of words and phrases below. Readers are encouraged to submit words or phrases used by any religion and their present equivalent or modification based on present practices.

The mechanics are as follows:

  1. Identify first the word or phrase commonly used in religion and its evolution.
  2. Define the word or phrase in a traditional sense.
  3. Determine the modification or present equivalent, which maybe antonyms based on prevailing practices.
  4. Use the word or phrase in a sentence in accordance with the present practices.
  5. Give the psychological impact of the word or phrase.
  6. Lastly, describe the religious deception impact.

Note: Contributors shall be acknowledged in this Encyclopedia. Kindly send your personal circumstances or link to your site as the case maybe for publication purposes.

First example:

1. Church to building

2. Church-it is a body of believers e.g, as in believers in Jesus Christ, Confucius, Buddhism, Satanism, Islamism or Obamism, Judaism, Roman Catholicism, communism, imperialism, materialism or opportunism, atheism, etc.

3. Modification of traditional meaning : Church is modified into buildings.

4. Statement: Cebu-Bohol earthquake has destroyed ten (10) historic Roman Catholic Churches.

5. Psychological impact on readers: If you are a devoted Roman Catholic, you will give money for the restoration of the churches, which is in real sense, are Roman Catholic buildings.

6. Religious Deception impact: Donors will likely give more because he/she is thinking to restore his own church and not restoring the property owned by another entity or by the world richest corporation-the Roman Catholic corporation.

Second example:

1. Godly to enemy of God

2. Godly– a person who believes and obeys God.

3. Modification of the traditional meaning: Godly is modified into ‘enemy of God‘.

4. Statement: Maria, a Roman Catholic, is Godly as she is attending mass every Sunday to make the ‘sign of the cross’ when praying and at the same time kneel before the cross that is located at the altar.

5. Psychological effects on Roman Catholic building or church goers: They will feel  godly instead of feeling as enemies of God because, in fact, they are kneeling before another god.

6. Religious Deception impact: It will be hard to convince the devoted Roman Catholic building goers to take out the ‘sign of the cross’ when praying or take out his/her worn crucifix.

Other words and phrases being worked out are as follows:

  • Blessed to liar
  • Christ in Christmas to Santa Claus in Christmas
  • Death of Mother Mary to Resurrection of Mother Mary
  • Disciples to anti-Christ
  • Holiness to sodomy
  • Holy to lie
  • Idolatry to iconography
  • Idolatry to Immaculate Concepcion, Sto. Nino, Black Nazarene, Rosary  Beads, strings, Alleged Statue of Mary, Jesus Christ and the Saints
  • God to Cross
  • God to God with a Mother
  • God to Pope
  • Living Christ to stone, wooden Statue
  • Mother of Jesus Christ to Mother of God
  • Mother Mary to Goddess/Ms. Rosary
  • One God to three Gods and more
  • Pure to ‘purely contaminated’
  • Resurrected Christ to Roman Christ
  • Spiritual Father to natural father

To submit words and phrases and their meaning and religious deception impact, use the form below:

>>>Kindly click to WORD@TheNetpedia

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