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Rosary is just an adjutant of the cross

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This is an academic and theological challenge to Roman Catholic theologians and others. The proposition is: “The cross is a supreme image in Roman Catholicism more superior than rosary, which is just an adjutant of the former”.

The Supreme God of Roman Catholicism is the cross.

The Supreme God of Roman Catholicism is the cross. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

In fact, without the cross, rosary, despite being erroneously alleged as ‘most holy’, can not stand on its own and becomes practically and theologically useless, even with all the hearsay allegations to the contrary.

In other words, the alleged ‘crown of roses’ or rosary is highly dependent on the cross. This is how powerful the cross is, without which Roman Catholicism is powerless.

The cross, as a show of its power, is even insulting the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit through Roman Catholicism by indoctrinating Roman Catholics to use their names in vain when praying. This is through making the ”sign of the cross’ before and after praying  and indoctrinating followers to say at the same time: “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…Amen”.

Notably, the sign of the cross is in blatant violation of the second commandment ‘not to make images of anything in heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth” (Exodus 20:4)

Also, the alleged sacred ceremonies of Roman Catholicism such as ‘holy?’ mass, ‘holy?’ matrimony and all other religious activities, such as baptism, confirmation, burial , ‘holy?’ week, etc, can not stand on their own without the cross.

Even the Pope, Archbishops, bishops, priests, nuns and laymen are subjected to control of the cross, making them as its pawns, who are willing instruments to do its will. All of them are promoting and revering the cross, as if they will possibly waive any blessings that may be given by the cross, if they are not obedient to its will.

How important is the cross to Roman Catholicism

The cross was an instrument of brutality of the Roman Empire at the time of Christ and under no circumstances that it was called holy at the time of the apostles. Only Constantine the Great, a Roman Emperor, introduced it and consequently, it was used as a symbol of Christianity.

Also, to formalize adoption of ‘sign of the cross’ and to hide idolatry in the cross, the word iconography was instead used by Roman Catholicism, which deceptively and erroneously justified that iconography is not idolatry. The rest is history-tradition had made the ‘sign of the cross‘ as vital part of prayers, using the name of God in vain. As it became a vital part of prayers, all religious activities of the Roman Catholicism, which involve prayers to include the rosary,  were doctrinally enforced very dependent on such ‘sign’ or image.

In fact, religious activities will be consequently stopped, if you take out the ‘sign of the cross’ as they are intimately dependent on it. Also, Roman Catholic’s prayers can not be started and ended without making a sign of the cross. Obviously, this makes the cross as sort of an alpha-omega.

Foregoing premises considered, it becomes obvious that the rosary and all Roman Catholicism activities anchored on prayers are under the control of the cross.

One simple method of testing the power of the cross is only to take out the ‘sign of the cross’ in the prayer activities and the cross at the altar. Definitely, if the cross will be taken out, Roman Catholic Alleged Church will be dissolved forever. Thus, in conclusion, Roman Catholicism is heavily dependent on the cross, with the rosary as merely adjutant of the latter.

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