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The next super typhoon could hit Germany

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As a counter-prediction, the next super typhoon could hit Germany. This article is in response to the prediction of a German expert that the next super typhoon could hit Bicol, Philippines.

Looking back at the facts, at least, for the past two (2) years, Bicol mainland had been free from typhoon and possibly, had already been declared typhoon-free forever specifically for Daraga, Albay, Philippines, unless, due to a valid cause, such declaration is withdrawn. In the past, Bicol region was usually visited by typhoon every year.

waiting area

At the waiting area. http://www.wordatthenet.com

Also, last November, 2013, contrary to the information sent through text from the concerned office of Albay Governor Joey Salceda that Typhoon Yolanda will hit mainland Bicol, the typhoon did not leave any major destruction in the area.

Recently, The German Development Cooperation‘s (GIZ) chief advisor on disaster risk management Olaf Neussner forewarned that a super typhoon could hit Bicol region.

Further, the article author Rochelle R. Dinglasan of GMA News, alleges:

“Bicol, you have been warned”

As a counter-prediction to this allegation, the publisher also forewarns:

“Germany, you have been warned. The next super typhoon could hit Germany.”

However, in view of current democratic freedom, other nations, e.g,US, France, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Brazil or any other nations with legalized same-sex marriage and at the same time adopted Roman Catholicism idolatry, may petition or vie for it. Philippines  urgently needs some break.

For reference, quoted is part of an article published in gmanetwork.com:

“Expert: The next super typhoon could hit Bicol”.

By ROUCHELLE R. DINGLASAN, GMA News April 2, 2014 10:49pm

“Bicol, you have been warned.

The German Development Cooperation’s (GIZ) chief advisor on disaster risk management Olaf Neussner said that the next time a super typhoon reaches the Philippines, it could hit Bicol and other areas on the country’s east coast.

“[A Yolanda-like typhoon] is more likely to happen in the north like Bicol and further in Luzon,” Neussner told reporters at the sidelines of the Donors Forum for Yolanda-affected areas organized by GIZ last week.

“Statistically speaking, more typhoons go into the Philippines in the north so this is still in the storm belt… [The] probability is higher in Bicol so there should be a prioritization done to look at areas in the north,” he said.

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