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Philippines in Habakkuk 2 doom judgment

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Philippines’ membership in Habakkuk 2 doom nations has been partially approved-that is- some regions in the Philippines are not included. This is also for the sake of anti-Reproductive Health (RH) Law Filipinos but not because of Roman Catholic alleged church, which is continuing to insult God through  its idolatry and by way of using His Name in vain at the same time, further insulting Him with the image of the cross.

The Model

Philippines as a model. http://www.wordatthenet.com

Forewarned on reproductive health (RH) law through series of calamities, e.g, Typhoon Pablo (12/16/12), Sabah Crisis (2/9/13), Zamboanga MNLF incident (9/9/13), Cebu-Bohol earthquake (10/15/13) and Typhoon Yolanda (11/8/13), Philippines through its men/women in Congress, Executive Department and in the Supreme Court just ignored the warnings. Hence, the judgement.

Also, RH law supporters seem to celebrate victory after the Supreme Court held the law constitutional. But unknown to them, their victory is void and empty as the law will eventually “bring into the lives of millions of poor Filipinos”, including those rich Filipinos-the consequential destruction.

This is because the said ‘oral sex mentality‘  law had already combined with Roman Catholic’s traditional idolatry in the Philippines, which is a factor in the execution of Habakkuk 2 judgment.

Notably, Philippine reproductive health law is even worst than same-sex marriage that is being supported by President Barrack Obama. As Obama’s motion for execution of Habakkuk 2 judgment filed last May 9, 2012 was already granted, what lies ahead now is only the execution of judgment.

The Cebu Judgment

The uprooting of Magellan’s cross in Cebu City is pre-destined. This will consequently uproot Roman Catholicism idolatry in the Philippines in general and Sto. Nino belief in particular. Specifically, the basis is Habakkuk 2:18-20:

18 What’s the use of an idol? It is only something that a human being has made, and it tells you nothing but lies. What good does it do for its maker to trust it – a god that can’t even talk! 19 You are doomed! You say to a piece of wood, “Wake up!” or to a block of stone, “Get up!” Can an idol reveal anything to you? It may be covered with silver and gold, but there is no life in it.

20The Lord is in his holy Temple; let everyone on earth be silent in his presence. (Habakkuk 2:18-20, TEV).

Based on the above verses, devoted Roman Catholics are now challenged to use the cross and Sto. Nino idols to finally determine if they can really protect. If the cross and Sto. Nino idols can protect, then they are not idolatrous. If  Sto. Nino is really child Christ, then, of course, he can protect. But if they can not protect believers, then both of them are LIES.

Here’s the clue: The October 15, 2013 Cebu-Bohol earthquake was preceeded by October 6, 2013 tornado in Cebu and yesterday (April 8, 2014), a tornado hit Mambaling, Cebu City. So, expect another earthquake. Hoping against hope, it would be good if Cebu City will be able to ‘float’ after being hit.

However, other interested cities, e.g Manila, Quezon city, Davao City, Zamboanga City, including other cities with unabated “oral sex” mentality and Roman Catholicism idolatry  through “black Nazarene”, Sto. Nino, statues of alleged Mother Mary and alleged Jesus Christ, cross and rosary, may also vie for it.

As already forewarned in http://www.wordatthenet.com, the sign of His coming was already manifested with the start of series of events  known in the scripture as “trouble far more terrible that will never happen again” (Matthew 24:21). This starting sign is Chile 8.2 magnitude earthquake with warning for tsunami, which happened last April 2, 2014.

RH supporters and devoted Roman Catholics are thus encouraged now to enjoy  for the last time their delusional reproductive health rights and idolatry, respectively, at the same time forget about their future.

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