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A Poem for Cebu

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 The pool

What is your decision Cebu?
Are you not going to ask for forgiveness?
for idolatry in cross and Sto. Nino, including pedophilia,
not through catholic priests but directly to the Father in heaven?

How about going though these events in 2014?
April 2- Chile 8.2 earthquake
April 14 –Chile forest fire
April 16-south Korean ferry sinking
April 18- Mexico City 7.2 earthquake
April 18- Mt. Everest Avalanche
April 19- Papua New Guinea 7.5 earthquake

Are you not considering uprooting the Magellan’s cross?
And Roman Catholicism idolatry in Sto. Niño,
in images of alleged Mother Mary and her Son,
rosary and images of saints and non-saintly persons?

Note that Magellan was defeated by Lapu-lapu in Mactan,
And he can be defeated once again this time,
by uprooting his cross planted in your land,
including Sto. Nino idolatry being done by pagans.

Not interested in praying to God without others’ intervention?
Without the cross or any image of any other person?
As God is spirit not needing images except His prophets and His son,
To give you His wisdom so that His kingdom would come.

Your decision Cebu would matter in few more days to come,
As you will either be victorious Cebuanos or sacrificial lambs,
By being friends or enemies when the time comes,
Or either forgiven or not forgiven in a judgment to come.

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