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Filipinos, are you the enemies?

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In case, the Local Government Unit (LGU) is about to exceed the budgetary Personal Services (PS) Limitation, is there an alternative remedy for devolved public health workers (PHWs) to get salary increase, at par with their national counterpart? This PS limitation is provided under Section 325 of  R.A 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government […]

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PPHA Magna Carta Benefits Petition Partly Granted

In G.R. No. 207145, the Supreme Court (SC) en banc ruled on the petition on Magna Carta benefits filed by the Philippine Public Health Association, Inc (PPHAI) against the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Department of Health (DOH) and the Civil Service Commission (CSC). The petition, which was decided on July 28, 2015 as […]

Asin Law or R.A 8172 in relation to R.A 9711 explained

What is the relation of Republic Act no 8172 to R.A 9711? And how should the circular of the Department of Health vis-a-vis any issuance of the Food and Drugs Administration concerning the issue be interpreted. The former law is known as Asin law or “An Act Requiring Salt Iodization Nationwide and for related purposes”. […]

100% salary increase for devolved health workers

Is 100% salary increase under Joint Resolution No. 4 not applicable to devolved health workers? To better understand the controversy on the implementation of salary increase under the law, the following antecedent facts may be reviewed. Under Republic Act no. 7160, basic health services were devolved to the LGUs, more specifically: 1) to the municipalities […]

Rules on Price freeze of medicines during disasters

The Department of Health (DOH) recently issued the guidelines for price freeze of medicines during disasters and emergencies.This is pursuant to Republic Act no. 7581 or “An Act Providing protection to Consumers by Stabilizing the Prices of Basic Necessities and Price Commodities and by Prescribing Measures Against undue Price Increases during Emergency Situation and like […]

DOH’s ‘2 work shift duty’ for nurses in hospitals

Due to adopted practices of some hospitals and clamor for approval for a divergent work schedule, Department of Health (DOH) issued Department Circular no. 2013-0423 prescribing for guidelines on allowing two (2) work shift duty for nurses in hospitals. Under the previously issued AO no. 2012-0012, hospitals are to maintain the 1:12 nurse to bed […]

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Halo around the sun

Halo around the sun seen at Legazpi City, Philippines, May 22, 2014 10:00 am

Several questions are needed to know

if you are an enemy or a friend.


Filipinos, how do you rate yourselves?

Are you friends or enemies of God?

Considering the Bohol-Cebu earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda incidents,

are you still confident that God is your friend?


You still believe your attendance in “mass” every Sunday

and your recitation of emperata”, “holy Rosary”, etc.

will make you as friends?

Then how many more calamities

and up to what extent until you get into your senses?

C’mon, how many? Because, He is listening.


Were the idols, e.g statues and images using

“The Name” of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ able to protect?

Was the alleged “holy” cross able to ward off calamities?

Were the Nuestra Senora, Fatima, Salvacion, etc,

which deceptively used “The Name” of Mother Mary

able to intercede?


Were the beads and strings of the alleged “holy” rosary effective?

Was the government which legalized “onanism”

or reproductive health law able to protect?

Was the “oral sex” in homosexuals, lesbians

and heterosexuals able to persuade calamities

to come more effectively?


Do you know what’s happening in your communities?

If you don’t care, then, why should He cares?

If you get busy selling your votes during elections,

then, why should He cares?

If you care less for your dignity,

then, why should He cares?


If you care less for the less fortunate,

then, why should He cares?

If you detain patients instead of caring for them,

then, why should He cares?

If you don’t care for His Words,

then, why should He cares?


If you care surfing Facebook more than His words,

then, why should He cares?

If you believe in the words of the priests,

pastors and ministers more than His words,

then, why should He cares?


If you’re busy  caring for “money” instead of caring for others,

then, why should He cares?

If you don’t ask for forgiveness,

then, why should He cares?

If you don’t forgive others,

then, why should He forgives you?


If you enjoy “oral sex” and can no longer live without it,

then, why should He protects you?

If you don’t ask Him for help,

then, why should He gives it to you?


If you ask help from his alleged statues or images,

then, why should he shows in front of the statues or images to help you?

Expect help from your idols, statues or images, not from him.


If you value the cross by having it painted with ashes

by priests in your forehead during Ash Wednesday

more than the life offered through Christ,

then, why should life be given to you?


Are you still interested to love these enemies in you?

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  1. […] Filipinos, are you the enemies? […]

  2. […] Filipinos, are you the enemies? […]

  3. […] Filipinos, are you the enemies? […]

  4. […] Filipinos, are you the enemies? […]

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