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Lord’s Prayer in Catholic mass is reversed


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Readers, are you aware that the Lord’s prayer in Roman Catholic’s alleged ‘holy’ mass is reversed? And in such a case, are the Roman Catholics  using it to insult God instead of respecting Him every Sunday or every time they attend the mass?

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Here’s the clue by logic and it’s up for the readers to deliberate on this issue. This is merely to inform. Yours is the decision.

This proposition is related to the use of word ‘amen’ in the Lord’s prayer. Because, amen is necessary to signify the end of the message as well as sincerity of the one praying as regards his message to God.

When prayer ends with amen, the person praying is affirming or confirming his words.  It emphasizes the sincerity of the words communicated as well as  respect to the Almighty. When it does not end with amen, then it lacks affirmation of the words in prayer, thus, logically, sincerity is in question.

But when the Lord’s prayer starts with amen without ending in it, then  there is no other plausible implication but only to insult God because of lack of sincerity as well as setting aside everything in the Lord’s Prayer by technically ending it by saying ‘amen’ first before starting the prayer.

Also, when the Lord’s prayer starts with amen for three times (3x) without ending in it, then the one praying is apparently not satisfied of insulting God once but maybe satisfied of insulting Him thrice.

Thus, every Sunday or whenever Roman Catholic building goers attend the mass, instead of respectfully praying to God, they are insulting God for three times (3x).

That’s why upon realizing this, the publisher, while still a Roman Catholic,  saw to it that when reciting/singing the Lord’s Prayer during the mass, he always end the prayer with ‘amen’, despite the contrary ceremonial teaching of the priest.

Most Roman Catholics are not aware of this ceremony.  But if interested, observe the mass, especially at the time the  Lord’s prayer is recited or being sung. Take note the three ‘amen’ before the Lord’s Prayer and the lack of amen immediately after it. Obviously, the Lord’s prayer in the mass is reversed with three amen first and without ending in amen.


What does “amen” mean? (https://www.raptureready.com)

“Amen” is a Hebrew word that stems from the word aman, which means “to be faithful, support, or confirm.” The word “amen” actually means, “so be it,” or “truly.”

Therefore, when we end our prayers with “amen,” we are re-affirming our dedication to God through Jesus Christ. We also use it to confirm a statement (i.e., when the pastor says something powerful out of the Word of God, and members of the congregation say “Amen”).

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