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‘Jesus is Christ’ doctrine is a big traditional lie

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What’s wrong in Christianity, Christendom, Christmas and other doctrines and practices using the name of Christ? Conclusively, in a singular form of deception, Christendom and the world were deceived by Roman Catholicism to finally believe that Jesus (J-Zeus) is Christ, despite the lack of any historical basis.

Fallen trees

If critically tested, lies have to fall just like a weak tree.

It is as if, Christians are also believing that Christ was born as a citizen of United States or United Kingdom who adopted an English name or the English language had been in existence in Bethlehem when Christ was born until he was crucified at the Calvary.

Truly, ‘Jesus is Christ’ doctrine is false, as there was no person with a name ‘Jesus’ Christ that existed prior, during or immediately after crucifixion of Christ.

Also, take note that Christ has a Hebrew name but Roman Catholicism, without any valid reason at all,  doctrinally opted to adopt the Greek translation Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous), which was finally transliterated to Jesus, as if it is the original name of Christ and that Christ was born and crucified as Greek.

Plain and simple, what we have is traditional deception by the Roman Catholicism, which can not be corrected by the institution, as it will, in effect, admit the deception of having offered to believers the fictitious Christ.

Neither, will the institution corrects the deception because it may offend Zeus.  Take note that if the name of Christ is directly transliterated from Hebrew to English without passing through the Greek translation, the insertion of the name of pagan god Zeus in the name Jesus (‘J-Zeus’) would not be realized.

Further, by using the current standards of giving importance to name of persons, where individuals are also legally identified through their respective names, without translating them based on the language, where such person stays, there is no need, in fact, for translation of Christ’s name.

So, therefore, even the Greek translation is not necessary. More so, as regards the transliteration of the Greek translation to Latin and finally to English form and other languages.

Furthermore, apparently, Roman Catholicism was not only interested in just revising the name. Because, it continued to satisfy itself in the ‘Jesus is God’ doctrine, which is blasphemous, ‘Jesus is the son of God’ doctrine, which is false, in addition to  idolatrous activities using the sign of the cross, physical cross, rosary, alleged images of Christ, such as Sto. Nino and Black Nazarene and alleged images of Mother Mary, which are all contrary to the Second Commandment of God.

Worst, above deception was even made firm by evangelist Christians, by perpetually promoting that ‘Jesus is God’. While it is true that they avoided some form of idolatry, it is likewise true that majority of them  continue the idolatry of the cross by adopting it as a sign of Christianity and ‘Jesus’ as equivalent of the Heavenly Father through the trinity doctrine.

Finally, therefore, Christendom was and continued to be doomed by traditional Roman Catholicism lies concerning the name of Christ. Thus, unless, traditional lies are stopped and Christian beliefs are corrected, there is no assurance that Christians will be saved.

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