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The unholy and lying bible

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Is the bible really holy and telling the truth that the true name of Christ is Jesus? These issues are worth discussing because billions of Christians are believing on the bible as holy and that allegedly, it contains the whole truth. Are these alleged holiness of the bible and truthfulness in it really so?

The lying bible

Pathology of lying

The hypothesis that maybe drawn as starting point for the discussion is that the bible is not holy, as it does not tell the whole truth.

First, we will settle the issue on alleged holiness of the bible by knowing first the meaning of word ‘holy’ as indicated in the old testament, more specifically in Leviticus 19:2, which states as follows:

2“Speak to all the congregation of the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘You shall be holy, for I the LORD your God am holy.(NIV)

For the above verse, how should the word ‘holy’ be understood as an adjective in relation to the subject that is being described in the verse? For example, the statement is: “You shall be holy” and “I the Lord your God am holy”.

More specifically, a clarificatory question that maybe propounded is: ‘what is the character of the subject in the above verse that is being described as holy?’ Does it refer to non-living things? No, therefore, the non-living things are not supposedly attached to the word ‘holy’.

But considering the premise that the Words of God are accompanied with life, therefore, they can be considered as living, then, they could also be considered as subjects that can be attached to the adjective ‘holy’.

Consequently, the word ‘holy’ can be appropriately used as an adjective to describe the bible, if it contains the whole truth. But if it contains even one false statement, then, the word ‘holy’ is not appropriate to use in order to describe it.

However, considering that the name Jesus did not exist in Bethlehem when the true Christ, who has an existing Hebrew name,  was born until he was crucified, then, all the statements in the bible, which relate to the person of Jesus, are no longer truths but falsities.

That being so, the Words of God in the bible, more specifically, the words pertaining to fictitious name Jesus, loss their life and therefore, the word ‘holy’ can no longer be appropriately used to describe such document. Finally, therefore, the bible is not holy as the statements therein are adversely affected by fictitious name Jesus, which converted truths into lies.

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