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Roman Catholic Church is the ‘Rock’, not the ‘Christ’s Church’

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Is the Roman Catholic Church really the church being referred in Matthew 16:18 or merely the rock? This issue is worth discussing because of the statement in the verse stating that: “upon this rock I will build my church” and the qualifying statement, which states that: “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.

One major form of the gate of hell is fictitious name Jesus, which was merely created by the Roman Empire through Emperor Constantine. If the gates of hell have been prevailing and continue to prevail over the Roman Catholic Church, it becomes conclusive then that it is not the church that is being referred in Matthew 16:18. Thus, logically, Christ, in his personal capacity, has still to build His church and that the verse is actually referring to the building of the Church upon his return.

Immediately above proposition is the logical implication of the verse vis-a-vis the historical character of the Roman Catholic Church. In short, Roman Catholic Church is deemed to be merely lying and deceiving the followers and usurping the authority of the true Church and nothing more.

As a reference, Matthew 16:17-19 is being quoted as follows:

17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.

18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16:17-19, KJV)

Before proceeding, let it be understood that the name ‘Jesus‘ as quoted in the above verse is a lie that was concocted by the Roman Catholic Church’s predecessor-the Roman Empire. It is so, because, said name did not actually exist in Bethlehem when the true Christ was born until he was crucified. Also, if the alleged Aramaic origin of the name Jesus, which is Yeshua, is directly transliterated to English, it will result to Joshua, not Jesus. This simply means that the name Jesus has only a Greek origin rather than Hebrew or Aramaic. Therefore, Jesus Christ is logically not of a Jewish origin.

Having been clarified that the name Jesus is fictitious, let us now confirm the proposition that the Roman Catholic Church is only the rock rather than a church. This can be tested by using the Ten Commandments aside from the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is using a fictitious name of Christ.

Using the Ten Commandments of God as the standard, the Ramon Catholic Church fatally fails because it is liable to have committed a violation of the seven (7) out of the Ten Commandments. This was discussed in the previous article: “Catholic church leaders should not condemn anyone“, as follows:

Why is it not right and moral for the Pope, archbishops and other church leaders to condemn anyone even in a mild way? Because, they are in the first place worthy to be condemned for doctrinally leading the world to violate at least four (4) of the Ten Commandments of God.

God’s first commandment which is being violated is Exodus 20:3 stating that:

“You shall have no other gods before[a] me. (NIV)

Related thereto, note that Roman Catholicism had indoctrinated Roman Catholics to kneel before the image of the cross that is located at the altar when attending mass, which type of idolatry was featured in Bocaue, Bulacan pagoda tragedy in 1993 killing more than 200 Filipinos. The image of the cross is being revered as God by devotees. This is in addition to revering the image of alleged Mother Mary, alleged Christ in Sto. Nino and Black Nazarene and images of alleged Saints in Filipinos.

Secondly, Exodus 20:4-6 is being violated. It states:

“You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.(NIV)

For violation of the second commandment, in addition to the image of the southern cross that is in heaven, Roman Catholicism made the image of alleged Mother Mary, Christ and the Saints using their names in vain. Of course, these images, if personally asked of their names, would never answer you because they are not Mother Mary, Christ and the Saints. Much more for the rosary beads and strings, which images are form of things on earth and underneath the sea.

Thirdly, Exodus 20:7 states the third commandment, which is being violated, as follows:

“You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. (NIV)

For violation of the third commandment, Roman Catholicism has used the name of God in vain when revering the cross, e.g,  making the sign of the cross when praying, wherein the sign of the cross is being simultaneously made when reciting “In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…Amen” before and after praying.

Lastly, Exodus 20: 8-11 is being also violated. It states:

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. 11 For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.(NIV)

Related thereto, note that Roman Catholicism had adopted Sunday as its church day.

In addition to the above violations, Roman Catholicism had committed murders against Jews in Spain in 1502 to force their conversion to alleged Christianity or ‘cross believing’ faithfuls. In such a case, Roman Catholicism violated the other commandment, which states that:

13 “You shall not murder.(Exodus 20:13, NIV)

As the efforts to force the conversion of Jews to Christianity or ‘cross believers’ were done through royal edict in Spain, Jews persecution did not discount the incidents of stealing and coveting anything that belong to neighboring Jews by Spanish persecutors. Thus, Roman Catholicism likewise violated the two other commandments, which state as follows:

15 “You shall not steal.(Exodus 20:15, NIV)

17 “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”(Exodus 20:17,NIV)

Also, above acts of murders, stealing and coveting can never be historically disregarded in military crusade campaigns of the Popes. Worst, those persecutors and crusaders were using the name of God opportunistically in their endeavors.

In fine, Roman Catholicism violated seven out of the Ten Commandments of God. That being so, Roman Church leaders are highly immoral if they will condemn or excommunicate anyone or anything in heaven, on earth and underneath the sea, they being the one that should have been condemned and excommunicated in the first place. In short, they should better logically shut up.

Accordingly, based on the above assertion, the Roman Catholic Church can not be considered as Christ’s Church but merely as a rock based on Matthew 16:18. The true Christ has thus to build his church upon his return pursuant to the said verse.

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