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How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’?

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Merry Christmas News?

How severe is the delusion of Filipino Catholics and Christians concerning Christmas? This could be answered either by theoretical or academic rhetoric or by what is actually happening to Filipinos during Christmas.

My friends used to greet me “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” during Christmas. As usual, I used to greet them back with the same Greetings before. But after realizing what is really in Christmas, I became hesitant to greet them with my usual greetings before and would greet them back with ‘good morning’ or ‘good afternoon’ or ‘good evening’ instead, just to let them feel that I am their friend. But neither could I tell them of  craziness of Christmas. Otherwise, I expect rebuttal or be told as ‘kill joy’, etc.

What’s really in Christmas?

Many believed that Christmas is a celebration to commemorate or acknowledge the birth of Christ. This is good, as commemorating or acknowledging somebody’s birthday, especially if he is good, is indeed plausibly good. But whose birthday are Catholics and Christians celebrating for?  So far, nobody can tell that December 25 is the date of birth of Christ, even renowned bible scholars. However, there is historical basis that December 25 is the celebrated birth date of Roman god Mithra, where Mithraism belief emanated or, as proposed by others, a general festival of the Sun.  That being so, Catholics and Christians are better called as Mithraic or as called by others-Sun worshipers, who are celebrating the festival of Natalis Invicti, for celebrating Christmas.

Wikipedia is quoted as follows:

“According to M. J. Vermaseren, the Mithraic New Year and the birthday of Mithras was on December 25.[54][55] However, Beck disagrees strongly.[56] Clauss states: “the Mithraic Mysteries had no public ceremonies of its own. The festival of Natalis Invicti, held on 25 December, was a general festival of the Sun, and by no means specific to the Mysteries of Mithras.”[57] Mithraic initiates were required to swear an oath of secrecy and dedication,[58] and some grade rituals involved the recital of a catechism, wherein the initiate was asked a series of questions pertaining to the initiation symbolism and had to reply with specific answers. An example of such a catechism, apparently pertaining to the Leo grade, was discovered in a fragmentary Egyptian papyrus (P.Berolinensis 21196)” (Rituals and worship section)

In short, Catholicism and present Christianity originated actually from paganic traditions.

On the other hand, taking into consideration what’s really happening to Filipinos during Christmas, are Filipinos really directed to a realistic belief that somebody will save them? Take the case of the twenty (20) dead devotees going to Manaoag. People’s Journal Tonight, in its December 26, 2017 issue, reports that “The devotees onboard a jeepney were rushing  to hear Christmas mass in Manaoag, hoping to be blessed with more good fortune for the remaining days of the year and in 2018. Tragically, fate had a most gruesome, bloodied plan for them. Twenty persons were killed while 27 others were wounded when their jeepney collided with a passenger bus early morning yesterday in Agoo.”

Manila Bulletin, on the other hand, in its December 26, 2017 issue, reports: ‘Vinta’ deaths climb to 240′. At least 60,000 spent Christmas in Evacuation centers” Further, Pope Francis was shown in the same issue to be kissing the statue of alleged child Jesus. But, unfortunately, those dead persons belong now to the latest statistics of deceived persons, who believed on Catholic and Christian lies. The sad fact is that these lies are imported from other countries, which Filipinos are abiding without thinking.

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  2. […] How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’? […]

  3. […] How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’? […]

  4. […] How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’? […]

  5. […] How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’? […]

  6. […] How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’? […]

  7. […] How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’? […]

  8. […] How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’? […]

  9. […] How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’? […]

  10. […] How severe is Filipino delusion of ‘Christmas’? […]

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