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Who is the real author of Catholicism and present Christianity?

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Politics and Religious beliefs

Politics and Religious beliefs have the same purpose-that is, to control the minds and wealth of other people

If Sabbath law is taken into account, who is the real author of Catholicism in particular and the present Christianity in general? Many will say that Jesus Christ is the moving force behind or the author. Could it really be true? With all due respect to Catholics and Christians, this can not be true, at all, because there was no Jesus name that ever existed when the messiah was here on earth. That being so, even if everybody would shout that the force behind these belief systems is him, it would simply fail because Jesus Christ is a fictitious entity who was just created by the bible.

Who is Jesus Christ by the way?

All those defending the name Jesus justify the name to have originated from Yeshua, which is an Aramaic name. However, assuming that said name is in Hebrew, which others claim to be, the theory of those defending the name to have originated from Aramaic or Hebrew does not deserve any merit because in so far as name is concerned, what applies is transliteration and not translation, when converting it from one language to another.

Transliteration is defined as follows:
From Wikipedia:

“Systematic transliteration is a mapping from one system of writing into another, typically grapheme to grapheme. Most transliteration systems are one-to-one, so a reader who knows the system can
reconstruct the original spelling.

Transliteration is opposed to transcription, which maps the sounds of one language into a writing system. Still, most systems of transliteration map the letters of the source script to letters pronounced similarly in the target script, for some specific pair of source and target language. If the relations between letters and sounds are similar in both languages, a transliteration may be very close to a transcription. In practice, there are some mixed transliteration/transcription systems that transliterate a part of the original script and transcribe the rest.

For many script pairs, there is one or more standard transliteration systems. However, unsystematic transliteration is common.”

Notice however that Yeshua is no longer in Hebrew or Aramaic letters and in fact, it is already an English transliteration of an Aramaic or Hebrew name, just like a Jesus name which was transliterated from Greek name Iesous. Hence, by admitting Yeshua as the original name of the messiah, it follows that Jesus name did not  originate from  Aramaic or Hebrew. Hence, what is inserted in the bible is fictitious name Jesus Christ. Accordingly, his identity is  likewise fictitious and in effect, he was merely created by the Christian bible. As fictitious person therefore, he can not be the real moving force or the author of Catholicism and Christianity.

Who is then the real author of Catholicism and Christianity? This can be traced from present practices of Catholics and Christians by way of their Sunday worship, which did not originate from Israelite or Hebrew tradition.

On March 7, 321 Emperor Constantine decreed what is known as dies Solis—day of the sun, “Sunday”—as the Roman day of rest (Codex Justinianus 3.12.2), stating as follows:

“On the venerable day of the Sun let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let all workshops be closed. In the country however persons engaged in agriculture may freely and lawfully continue their pursuits because it often happens that another day is not suitable for grain-sowing or vine planting; lest by neglecting the proper moment for such operations the bounty of heaven should be lost.[36]”

Historically,  said veneration of the sun had been an offical cult of the Roman Empire and as relayed by Wikipedia, it states:

Sol Invictus (“Unconquered Sun”) was the official sun god of the later Roman Empire and a patron of soldiers. On 25 December 274 AD the Roman emperorAurelian made it an official cult alongside the traditional Roman cults.[2] Scholars disagree about whether the new deity was a refoundation of the ancient Latin cult of Sol,[3] a revival of the cult of Elagabalus,[4] or completely new.[5] The god was favored by emperors after Aurelian and appeared on their coins until Constantine I.[6] The last inscription referring to Sol Invictus dates to AD 387,[7] and there were enough devotees in the 5th century that the Christian theologian Augustine found it necessary to preach against them.[8]

Hence, based on the above, the real author of Catholicism and Christianity is Emperor Constantine the Great that can only be confirmed by the act of setting aside the Sabbath day to favor Sunday worship, which is lawfully intended to venerate the sun.

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