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Sex organ is the forbidden meat to be eaten

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Nowadays, seldom you could find a preacher teaching “oral sex” as forbidden “meat eating”. Instead, you could find priests and preachers, who are fun of sex organs. At the same time, they are silent on the issue and some are allegedly forgiving and accommodating to homosexuals, lesbians and heterosexuals, who are also sexually “eating” the same organs.

Note that animals were given as food according to Genesis 9:2-3. ( 2All the animals, birds and fish will live in fear  of you. They are all placed under your power. 3Now you can eat them, as well as green plants; I give them all to you for food (Today’s English Version)).


Consequently, you may have reasons to doubt on their sexuality and orientations. These doubts are based on Genesis 9:4 which states: “4The one thing you must not eat is meat with blood still in it; I forbid this because the life is in the blood” (Today’s English Version) and the following premises, to wit:

First premise– the reason for prohibiting “eating meat with blood still in it” is because “life is in the blood” and not because “blood is life” or because of “blood” in meat.

Second premise-if you take out “life” in blood, you consequently take out the prohibition. In  other words, if you “eat meat with blood still in it” with no more life in  blood in meat, then the reason is no longer present, hence, no longer within the prohibition.

Third premise-if you take out the blood then the result is likewise taking out life in it, thus, it will not also fall within the prohibition because the life is no longer present in meat even if you put blood in meat afterwards.Thus, life is not sine qua non or equivalent to blood.

In fine, what is being referred in the verse is an alive meat because there is “life” in blood in  an alive meat.

Fourth premise-the use of verb eat in the verse, which can not be done literally on alive meat, the verb “sexually eat” or tagalog verb “kumain” being appropriate, can drive one into a conclusion that it’s use is not to be understood literally but colloquially, as in “oral sex” or sexually eating the human genitals.

Ergo, “sexually eating the human genitals” as in “oral sex”  is being prohibited in Genesis 9:4.

Unfortunately, some preachers have been/are busy teaching on animal meats to the point of prohibiting blood transfusion to the prejudice of patients. Is there any eating of meat being involved in blood transfusion to qualify the act under the prohibition?

Worst, ask some priests or a cardinal on what they have done to the prohibited meat.

Also, why are the Americans legalizing eating the prohibited meat? Are they showing their status as a world (not heavenly) superpower, to the point of doing it? On its part, France is also adopting the so-called “same-sex marriage”/eating meat legislation. Is it because France is also a world((ly) and not a heavenly) power?

Click to The Oral Sex Theory to have a comprehensive understanding.

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