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Asin Law or R.A 8172 in relation to R.A 9711 explained

What is the relation of Republic Act no 8172 to R.A 9711? And how should the circular of the Department of Health vis-a-vis any issuance of the Food and Drugs Administration concerning the issue be interpreted. The former law is known as Asin law or “An Act Requiring Salt Iodization Nationwide and for related purposes”. […]

100% salary increase for devolved health workers

Is 100% salary increase under Joint Resolution No. 4 not applicable to devolved health workers? To better understand the controversy on the implementation of salary increase under the law, the following antecedent facts may be reviewed. Under Republic Act no. 7160, basic health services were devolved to the LGUs, more specifically: 1) to the municipalities […]

Rules on Price freeze of medicines during disasters

The Department of Health (DOH) recently issued the guidelines for price freeze of medicines during disasters and emergencies.This is pursuant to Republic Act no. 7581 or “An Act Providing protection to Consumers by Stabilizing the Prices of Basic Necessities and Price Commodities and by Prescribing Measures Against undue Price Increases during Emergency Situation and like […]

DOH’s ‘2 work shift duty’ for nurses in hospitals

Due to adopted practices of some hospitals and clamor for approval for a divergent work schedule, Department of Health (DOH) issued Department Circular no. 2013-0423 prescribing for guidelines on allowing two (2) work shift duty for nurses in hospitals. Under the previously issued AO no. 2012-0012, hospitals are to maintain the 1:12 nurse to bed […]

Business Ethics in Biopharmaceutical Sector

The Mexico City “voluntary codes of business ethics” was recently adopted by Food and Drugs Administration. Under FDA Circular no. 2013-024, dated September 5, 2013, ethical violations are grounds for filing appropriate administrative charges and/or imposition of administrative sanctions such as, but not limited to, imposition of fines, suspension, cancellation or revocation of any license, […]

Previous Rules of R.A 7305 not repealed

Did DBM-DOH  Joint Circular no. 1, s. 2012 passed by the Department of Budget and Management and Department of Heath effectively repeal the Revised Implementation Rules and Regulations of R.A 7305? Legally speaking, I don’t think so. It is because of the expiration of time in passing the rules and regulations on categorization of Magna […]

FDA Sales Promotion Permit Guidelines

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued the current guidelines on sales promotion permit applications last July 5, 2013. Under FDA Memorandum Circular no. 2013-028, applicants are required to file their application for permit at least thirty (30) days before actual commencement of the sales promotion. This timeline is  pursuant to Article 116 of R.A 7394 […]

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Idolatry is defined in two ways; 1) worship of idols and 2) blind or excessive devotion to something (thefreedictionary.com). It is also defined by http://www. merriam-webster.com as 1) the worship of a physical object as a god and 2) immoderate attachment or devotion to something.

lapu-lapu idolBased on these definitions, various forms of idolatry are noted today. They are being categorized into classical, spiritual,  or religious, political, hero worshiping, sexual  and economic.

However, contrary to Pope Francis’ proposition on idolatry concerning money, the same is set aside in this book for utter lack of logical basis to categorize it under economic idolatry.

The book will first tackle on the different categories by presenting samples of idolatry and finally touch on possible remedies that may be done given the circumstances. Articles in this book will be published in due time.

Once available, just click the “Table of Contents” link below to read the articles.

Chapter I: Religious Idolatry or iconography

  • Cross idolatry
  • Rosary beads and strings idolatry
  • Sto. Nino idolatry
  • Black Nazarene idolatry
  • Idolatry on alleged Virgin  of Fatima and other alleged Mother Mary Images
  • Idolatry on alleged image of Christ on the cross
  • Idolatry in the images of Saints
  • Idolatry in other images, such as Buddha, etc
  • Idolatry on images of dead persons
  • other topics

Chapter II: Political Idolatry

Chapter III: Hero worshiping

  • Idolatry on exemplary and heroic deeds
  • Other topics

Chapter IV: Economic Idolatry

  • Capitalism
  • Feudalism
  • Communism
  • Other topics

Chapter V: Sexual, Movie and “Idol” Idolatry

  • Promotion of “idol” mentality
  • “Top gun” images idolatry
  • other topics

Chapter VI: Remedies against idolatry

  • Reasons why people should resort to remedies against idolatry
  • “Curse” remedies, such as famines, wars, typhoons, diseases, earthquakes, etc
  • Social experimental remedy
  • Other remedies
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