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Immorality & Prophecy

The Book on Imorality & Prophecy consists of four (4) chapters. The first chapter introduces the readers to Genesis verses that are related to moral prohibition on “eating meat with blood still in it”, which being forbidden because the life is in the blood. It discusses the prohibition as the modern day term for lust known as “oral sex” or “sexually ‘eating’ the alive ‘human meat’ or genitals’.

The WallThe second chapter deals with the consequential effects when prohibition is violated. Specifically, same-sex marriage, reproductive health law  and related terms are discussed as modern day socially accepted term for the prohibition. It also discusses the critical combination of the violation with Roman Catholicism idolatry.

The third chapter is on related human doctrines and practices, which are oftentimes being invoked to justify the violation of the prohibition.

The fourth chapter deals with theories and current prophecies, the fulfillment of which are primarily dependent on the behaviors of those concerned.  It is designed to warn and prepare them and not to scare anybody. Just click the “Table of Contents” link below to read the articles.

Chapter I:  “Eating Meat with blood still in it”

Chapter II: Habakkuk 2 Doom Prophecy

Chapter III: Related Human Doctrines and Practices

Chapter IV: Incoming events and prophecy

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