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Religious Deception II

The Book of Religious Deception II is the continuation of Roman Catholicism and orthodox religious deceptions. It also includes deceptions in other sects, touching on critical doctrines and practices  of Judaism, Islam, Iglesia ni Cristo and other religions, which use the name of God as the source of teachings.

Inside To strengthen morality, there is necessity to likewise strengthen spirituality, by detecting, abating and eradicating the source of deception in the religious sector.

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Chapter I: Continuation of Roman Catholicism and orthodox deceptions (Note: If interested on previous articles, please click this link)

Chapter II- ‘Jesus is Christ’ Deception

Chapter III: “Introduction to religious deceptions in other sects

Chapter IV: Deceptive “words” of other religions

  • Iglesia ni Cristo’s show of force via “worldwide walk”
  • Iglesia ni Cristo is a false Church of Christ
  • ‘Born again’ teaching as explained by revelation
  • Is there something wrong with ‘born again’ dogma?
  • God’s Commandments do not Include “to kill your neighbor” due to Religion
  • Human Amendment to Two Major Commandments of God
  • The “ In Jesus name” Provision in a Prayer is Confusing
  • Religious Dogmatism Runs Counter with Christ Basic Message
  • Ceremonial Receiving  Jesus Christ but Quiescence on Primarily Receiving the Father in Heaven Defeats the Former
  • Specific Religion can Save from the Coming Wrath of God?
  • Other topics

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