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God believers under attack by Christmas

Pastor John Hague of Texas alleged megachurch accused attackers of Christmas as humanists and atheists. Is he really sure that the attackers are not true God believers? If you are a true Christian, is it not your obligation to seek and believe in truth and nothing but the truth?

The beauty of a temple does not have to depend on Santa Claus and Christmas.

The beauty of a temple does not have to depend on Santa Claus and Christmas. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

By the way, what is the scriptural basis of this Christmas? Will the good Pastor show to the public just a single statement in the bible used by him that Christ had impliedly or expressly encouraged followers to celebrate his alleged birthday every year?

Does his bible say that December 25 is the birthday of Christ? In case December  25 is not his actual birthday, what is its implication to your belief?

Are you not deceived by celebrating the birthday of other God by using the name of Christ?

Of course, any type of Christianity, e.g, false or true, promotes goodwill or “tidings”. But is it a mandatory need to show it only during Christmas as evidence of your being a Christian?

Before the good Pastor attacks the attackers of Christmas, did he ever ask why other true God believers are against such practice?

Are they not also entitled to their counter-attacks as they were before attacked by religious deception through Roman Christmas, which is being continuously promoted by Roman Catholic Alleged Church as directed by its predecessor in-interest-the Roman Empire?

On the other hand, during Christmas, most often you will be hearing “Ho…Ho…Ho…Ho” from another “idol” in the name of Santa Claus. Of course, you may be hearing Christmas song with the following lyrics:

Santa Claus is coming to town (more…)

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