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Charitable acts for Roman Catholicism victims?


TempleAfter putting the lives and spirits of Filipinos in danger by converting them to enemies of God through idolatry and letting some of them be destroyed in disaster-stricken areas, Roman Catholicism is now asking for donations by “giving money saved from Lenten fasting to help feed children in disaster-stricken areas”. This was reported in The Philippine Star (March 4, 2014 issue).

For Filipino Catholics, after destruction and having been rendered poor, Roman Catholicism is now capitalizing on the word ‘charity’.

More specifically, the report quoted “Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle who urged Filipino Catholics to donate the money from their Lenten fasting to the Fast2Feed fund-raising program, which aims to to buy food for children living in areas hit by calamities”.

The donation are allegedly to be used in Zamboanga City siege, Bohol-Cebu earthquake and in places struck by Typhoon Yolanda. (Note: Just an opinion or recommendation, Roman Catholicism…

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