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‘J’ is the biblical letter that kills

While waiting for disasters to come due to the January 15, 2015 visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines, let’s discuss the proposition that fictitious Jesus, who is being used by the Pope and his Christian cohorts as Christ and God, had originated from the ‘biblical letter ‘J” that kills’ being referred in 2 Corinthians 3:6.

Shouting Christians

Shouting Christians

The issue is worth delving into because firstly-there are substantial differences in the English translations of the verse, which also mean that translators can effectively kill the spirit of the words in their respective version.

Secondly-the development of the name ‘Jesus’ is intimately connected to the evolution of letter ‘J’ in the English alphabet, which letter evolved into existence only about 500 years ago, without which, the name would had never existed and may still be Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous) until now, if the alleged Greek translation was sustained.

In short, the letter ‘J’, which can be used as a barometer to identify this biblical ‘letter that kills’, was instrumental in the development of the name ‘Jesus‘ in Jesus Christ. In fact, it is the only name that has  this peculiar historical character and background. That being so, the Letter ‘J’ in Jesus Christ’ can be specifically denominated as the ‘letter that kills‘ and consequently, Jesus Christ per se and the Christian bible itself,  can be denominated as “the written text that brings death“, (more…)

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