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HL & P Accredited Travel Agents

Officially accredited by HL & P Website, this DTI registered Highlands Travel Consultancy under Certificate Number no. 04658454 with Office Address at 92 Bansalangin St., Veterans Village, Quezon City, NCR, Second District, National Capital Region (NCR) will handle your booking and plane ticket purchase online. It can be reached through highlands_travel@hotmail.com or 0926-6818466- globe and […]

How to protect yourself from COVID-19, if you are a frontliner?

The most perplexing but sad part of COVID-19 Pandemic is, aside from patients, doctors are also dying due to the  virus. Sometimes, they die ahead of patients. As of now, Philippines has nine (9) doctors dead. Nurses, midwives and other health workers in the field and hospitals, police personnel, Bureau of Fire personnel, military and […]

What to do next, if COVID-19 positive is refused isolation?

If the hospital or the Local Chief Executive refuses to isolate you, being COVID-19 positive, in a health facility because of lack of space or could no longer be accommodated, what will you do? I advice that you do steam inhalation therapy, at home, to contain the virus and prevent its further spread, by killing […]

Steam Inhalation Therapy: Answer to COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic brings to fore various behavioral reactions of different sectors of the society, worldwide, and it seems that everybody was caught by total surprise. There is lockdown and other terms that could only be heard today. From the standpoint of one of the COVID-19 sufferers, she testified that the virus causes irritation of the […]

Is salary increase for devolved PHWs possible despite the PS limitation?

In case, the Local Government Unit (LGU) is about to exceed the budgetary Personal Services (PS) Limitation, is there an alternative remedy for devolved public health workers (PHWs) to get salary increase, at par with their national counterpart? This PS limitation is provided under Section 325 of  R.A 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government […]

Are LGU Hospitals and RHUs exempt from PS limitation?

A major issue in devolved health facilities, e.g, devolved hospitals and Rural Health Units (RHUs),  concerns the personal services (PS) limitation being applied to them pursuant to Section 325 (a) of R.A 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991.   This is invoked by majority of budget officers from the local government […]

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Is there factual basis for ‘Mother of God’ doctrine?

If you are a devoted Roman Catholic, you are more likely to recite the ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God’  phrase in rosary. But what are you really doing if God is not the Son of Mother Mary? Are you not simply lying?

The secret in the closet is the same as keeping secret through religious deception as in 'Mother of God' concept.

The secret in the closet is the same as keeping secret through religious deception as in ‘Mother of God’ concept. http://www.wordatthenet.com.

Consequently, therefore, the more that you become devoted in praying the rosary, the more that you are doing a regrettable thing, which is lying. And who taught you how to lie?

Also, before you utter the words “holy Mary, mother of god’, have you personally asked Mother Mary  to know whether in fact she is the Mother of God?

Or have you asked the Father in heaven whether or not He has a mother?

Or have you asked Christ that his mother is likewise the Mother of the Father in heaven? Or have you asked the priests and nuns of all those questions?

Are you not interested in knowing the answers? If you were not able to ask and know the answers from them, are you then reciting the phrases based (more…)

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