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Why rosary not ‘Virgin Mary Prayer’?

What do you think? Why is it that the prayer allegedly intended for ‘intercession’ of Mother Mary is designated ‘holy?’ rosary instead of Virgin Mary Prayer or Mother Mary Prayer?

Details when viewing from the mountain and details on errors in Holy Rosary can not be seen if you are not interested.

Details when viewing from the mountain and details on errors in Holy Rosary can not be seen if you are not interested.http://www.wordatthenet.com.

Most probably, because ‘holy?’ rosary is intended for goddess probably named ‘Rosary’, with intention  to insult God by  calling her holy and at the same time, using the name  of Mother Mary in vain.

On the other hand, it can not be probably intended for Mother Mary, as said reverence will not be accepted by her because she knows that she is not the ‘Mother of God’. Also, she is not a pagan, thus, a paganic ‘Holy?’  Rosary prayer is less likely be accepted.

Do you have a theory of the case? www.theholyrosary.org reports on the origin of Holy Rosary, as follows:

I will tell you the story of how he received it, which is found in the very well-known book De Dignitate Psalterii, by Blessed Alan de la (more…)

Is Mother Mary Very Sad of Rosary?

Happiness of a woman could be affected by her beliefs and faith. This is true to Mother Mary who could feel sadness due to Rosary when her name is being used unscrupulously by projecting her name contrary to her faith and beliefs.

Are you happy looking at the tower with your heart broken?

Are you happy looking at the tower with your heart broken?http://www.wordatthenet.com.

She could also be affected adversely when her son’s faith and beliefs, which he died for,  are being set aside and instead changed traditionally to reflect the worldly ideals of unscrupulous groups.

She could be especially sad, when the name of God is used in vain, using her and her son’s names. Also, while she and her son believe on only one God, she could be logically sad when their names are being used in “trinity”, holding that God has three persons, one of which is her son, and at the same time, elevated her to a higher status as Mother of God. Finally, she could be sad if her and her son’s names are  used to, in effect, insult God.

Above are the effects of rosary traditionally taught  by Roman Catholic Alleged Church. This  proposition is based on the following grounds:

Mother Mary is the mother of Christ.

As a mother of Christ, Mother Mary did not declare that she is the “Mother of God”, either impliedly or expressly.  Neither did Christ nor the Father in heaven said so, impliedly or expressly. While, it is true that God introduced Christ as his son, the Father in heaven did not introduce to this world that Mother Mary is His (Father in heaven’s)  “mother”. So, there is no basis in saying in rosary that she is  the “Mother of God”. In other words, if you are saying it, you are plainly a false witness. Naturally, when hearing this testimony by false witnesses,  logically, Mother Mary would feel sad. (more…)

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