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Popes as saints is doctrinal foolishness

The doctrinal foolishness of Roman Catholicism may had been and had continued to be at a loose especially when Popes John XIII and John Paul II were canonized as saints.

Lapu-lapu marker

Lapu-lapu Marker in Cebu. http://wordatthenet.com

This proposition is based on the premise that sainthood of any person is not within the authority of any human being to decide, as technically, the reckoning standard as basis to say that a person lived a saintly life is divine. Accordingly, it is only within the divine authority to judge.

In other words, the Papacy’s declaration of sainthood is questionable and can be considered as plain and simple usurpation of the divine authority. Besides, Roman Catholicism is showing more proof as a violator of God’s commandment than being a divine representative.

To stress, there was no delegation of this divine authority to judge or declare the sainthood of a person to any man because ‘judging’ others is scripturally being discouraged.

Take note that Roman Catholicism extends this sainthood proceedings only to Roman Catholics to the exclusion of persons in other religions. Also, it is only extended to selected few.

Thus, when it (the Papacy) judges one as ‘saint’, it incidentally judges the others as ‘not saints’. Even judging everybody as saint is also scripturally discouraged. (more…)

Popes, Saints and Idolatry

After leading Roman Catholics and this world to kneel before the cross and images of alleged Mother Mary, Jesus Christ and the saints, which is idolatrous and in violation of God’s commandments, Popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be canonized as saints, this month.


You can not see outside when your mind as a proverbial window is closed. http://www.wordatthenet.com

Above images are also at the altar of churches (otherwise known as Roman Catholic buildings or cathedral, etc.), where Roman Catholics were taught to kneel before them as they are facing the said altar to pray. This is especially true during masses as those attending are being doctrinally taught to kneel as part of the ceremony.

Also, traditionally, Roman Catholics and substantial numbers of Christians were converted to ‘cross believers’, not as God believers. It happened  when cross was adopted by Roman Catholicism as symbol of Christianity at the behest of Emperor Constantine the Great and his group. Apparently, this tradition was maintained by these two popes during their incumbency.

Logically, therefore, the publisher does not see any reason why (more…)

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