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The Book on “The Word” consists of three (3) chapters. The first chapter deals on how “The Word” was treated and used not effectively, if not contradicted, by supposed teachers and protectors, such as preachers, priests, imams, rabbis,etc, which affected the purposes for which Christ had died for. As a result, morality and spirituality were adversely affected.

The Publisher

His words

The second chapter is on the effects, when The Word was taken lightly by the supposed promoters, protectors and believers.

It emphasizes calamities as expression of the word “curse” that is less likely considered by believers and non-believers, manifested by typhoons, earthquakes, famines, wars and diseases.

It also illustrates the effects of deceptions, either moral or religious, on them. The third chapter is on poetry on His coming and some of its manifestation.

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Chapter I: The Word

Chapter II: The “words” on Spiritual Stress

Chapter III: Poetry

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